16 months

16 months-2

My gorgeous bundle is no longer a bundle. He started out as one; all 5lb 5 ounces, newborn head scented, long haired, scrunchy faced and perfect, as all newborns are. He’s now big and bold, full of attitude, able to run, chase, crawl and cause a tornado of chaos and fun everywhere he goes. 16 months ago, he was completely dependent, needed me for every little thing bar breathing – today he’s pulling away and wanting to do everything himself but coming back for kisses and Mammy snuggles when he needs them. He’s growing up. No longer a baby; getting to be a big boy, one wobbly step at a time. 

So, what exactly is this boy like, all 16 months of him?


31 inches – now over 2 feet tall – catching up on his Mama.

Getting so big!

On last check he was just under 11kg, which has him as perfectly average, which seeing as he was so teeny tiny when he was born is a major relief. He’s discovered the joys of eating everything all the time, especially Mammy’s dinner, which is definitely building him up!

Nappy Size 

Size 4+ Tesco/Aldi. 

Clothing size 

9-12 months in most things, 12-18 months in others. He’s a bit small for his age but as neither me or his Daddy are very tall we aren’t worried. He’s also a size 4G in shoes as of a few weeks back when we got his first pair of Clarks shoes which even light up when he walks. 


Monkey, Monkey Man, El, Mister Moo. 

After the last few weeks of ear infections, tonsillitis and general teething, we finally seem to be on the up. A few tummy issues at the moment, we’re waiting on blood results to see if we’re dealing with an allergy or not, but apart from that he’s happy and healthy. Yay! Long may this last!
Barely fitting into the vest but chilling out!
We’ve officially cut out the second nap, to my sadness – so much energy and so little downtime! He’s heading to bed around 8pm and takes anything between 15 and 75 minutes to go to sleep, dependent on how active he’s been and how much he’s seen me that day; days where he’s been mostly with others means more Mammy time needed at bedtime – I’ve fallen asleep on his bedroom floor more than once! He’s getting better with the wakeups though, very few stirrings and easy to settle back in less than five minutes means I can sleepwalk it and it not impact very much. Long may this last! (Famous last words, I know!). 
He fell asleep the fastest ever the night we put him in a single bed. The cot’s days are numbered.
Everything. Absolutely mad about Breadsticks, pasta, bananas, grapes and mandarin oranges. He’s gotten good at eating his (and everyone elses) dinner, likes his cheerios in the morning and maybe a slice of toast and a million snacks in between. He’s also fully off formula though we’re trying to figure out if cows milk or soy milk may be contributing to his tummy trouble – either way, he guzzles them, he’s an absolute milk monster. 
Raisins. Singing along. Dancing to music (especially Taylor Swift). Slides. Swings. Soft Play. Cuddles. His “Bobo” bottle. Breadsticks. Peppa Pig. Baby Genius. Bubbles. Games of Peek-a-Boo. Dogs. His beloved balcony. Reading and being read to.
toddler boy reading in cot bed
Never to early to start bedtime reading!
Getting out of the bath and getting dressed, going to bed, cauliflower cheese, being told No.


He’s got dance moves now – The Wheels on The Bus actions as well as twerking.. He’s properly walking independently. Able to climb up steps, and down slide without assistance. Getting better at feeding himself with a spoon. Can turn on and off an Xbox remote – thank you Uncle Josh. (does this count as a milestone?). 

So it begins.
New favourite word is No. Which we love. Clearly. He’s also got Mama, Dada, Mammy, Daddy, Baby, Dog, Ya, Nana, Anda (Grandad), Yosh (Josh, his uncle). We’re getting there, slowly but surely.
Other things of note
– Has become a bit shy around others he doesn’t recognise – some others, not all, but decidedly more clingy. 
– Loves to walk holding hands – can and does walk independently but seems to love dragging Mammy and Daddy (and other willing participants) around at his whim – especially to walk over their shadows!
– Has become a lot more assertive – unfortunately if he doesn’t get his own way this means tantrums – hopefully these will ease though I don’t hold out much hope!
– Can now give high fives. Enthusiastically. His aim is about as good as mine though (not great).
Showing teeth off in a selfie. Obvz.
So, that’s his now-16-month update. I like to think of this blog as a somewhat record of his life as well as a corner of the internet to vent and pass on things I’ve learned on the way, so I might make these updates a regular thing so I’ll have it to look back on when he’s slamming doors and telling me I don’t understand him and hasn’t given me cuddles in a long while. 
What stages do I have to look forward to next? Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. The conversations get pretty entertaining once they start stringing more words together. Sadly there’s no sign of the tantrums disappearing in our house yet though!

    I moved my son into a single bed early as he thrashes about a lot. Takes ages to get to sleep now, but he sleeps a lot better then with a big bed and some padding.

    1. Glad he’s sleeping better; I think E is going to as well so I’m keeping fingers crossed! Hope the tantrums go away soon, they’re not fun! Looking forward to the conversations, it’s mostly babble at the moment.

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