My 2017 Instagram Best 9 – A Year in Photographs

As December rolls faster towards the end of the year, it’s a time of looking back to see what has been. The wonderful powers of social media have made this even easier, with various round up tools presenting us with a pre-filtered image of exactly how our year went. Last year, I did the Instagram Best 9 and shared it here, and I found it a really nice way to look back on the year. So, in the interests of not fixing what isn’t broken, here’s a look at 2017 through the same lens, my Instagram Best 9.

So, 2017, how were you?

Instagram Best 9 2017

Picture 1

Picture 1 is one of my favorite pictures of this year. I’ve entitled it “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” as it shows my little man setting off on one of his many adventures. He’s an independent soul who goes where he wants to go (which dependent on our moods is either a great or a terrible thing). This photo was taken on one of our favorite walks, down on the walkway by Blackrock Castle that leads the whole way to Rochestown. Although the evenings have gotten dark and the weather cold, it’s one of those walks that I’m looking forward to heading out on again as it’s gorgeous by the sea.

Picture 2

Picture 2 is a slightly different side to my tiny terror. We’ve started having “coffee” dates. No, I’ve not gone mad, it’s warm almond milk, but he loves it and feels like one of the grownups. It’s really nice to have one-on-one time, on days where we’re not overtired or stressed (it’s been a struggle lately) and this is from one of the lovely coffee dates where it’s just been my boy and me.

Picture 3

A shot of Dillen looking out over Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain on our trip there in October. It was an incredible trip to South Africa, which I have much more to write about. It included a trip away for the two of us for three days to Cape Town child-free, which allowed us to get to the top of Table Mountain, hike Lions Head and wander the city as proper tourists. Table Mountain was a particular air-punch moment for me, as I am TERRIFIED of heights, but conquered my fear and even stood semi-near the edge!

Picture 4

Ah, the slogan of the year. “May Your Coffee Be Stronger Than Your Toddler”. This year has been a tough toddler year. Life with a three year old is killing me slowly. There has been a lot of coffee, and even more googling “Why does my child hate sleep?”. It’s not something that has magically resolved itself by the end of the year, but I am hopeful that my coffee will continue to be stronger, and that some day I will prove myself to be stronger too.

Picture 5

Another quote picture which seems to have resonated with others on Instagram. The tough year with a three year old dictator has had me feeling a variety of things, like I’m a terrible mother, like I have horrible parenting skills and like running away and joining the circus is a great idea. However, it’s not all been bad – as many days end in tantrums, there are others where my heart is simply bursting with love for this little person.

Picture 6

This one is a throwback picture to the very cute baby days, which all seem a lovely blur into the past. I adored this bear suit – he wore it for the entire winter. It kept him warm and snug and very, very cute. The other bear is a gift he received from my brother when he was born, and still sleeps with (you know, alongside the million other teddies which take up his bed, he’s in there somewhere!).

Picture 7

Eliott’s first time ice-skating. He’d been asking about it every time we drove past Cork On Ice out in Mahon, so one day in December we decided to bite the bullet. I say we, I mean Dillen, because with my back there’s not a hope I’m risking the ice. It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, guiding him around even with the penguin, but it did result in really cute pictures like this one, and he loved the experience.

Picture 8

We did a whole lot of reading this year with Eliott. He’s a big bookworm, much like his Mammy, and this was one of the favorites. It’s also an absolute bargain I picked up in Bookstation. We’ve got one in our local shopping centre and it is THE place to grab serious bargains on kids books. I’d looked and this had been a tenner elsewhere, but it was in a 2 for €5 deal earlier in the year so grabbed it and a few others. We’ve had similar luck with things like Dr Seuss books, and of course the precious PJ Masks books. Definitely worth a look if you’re in need of picking up some new reading material. (No, not an ad, just a very happy customer).

Picture 9

Nine is one of the prettier pictures on my feed, in my opinion. Mimosa Flowers in our local shopping centre had these beautiful roses for sale mid-year and I couldn’t resist but to snap a picture as I was walking past. Definitely something that brightened up both my day and my feed.


So, that was my year – a mix of coffee, tantrums, colour and quotes – how was 2017 for you?

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