22 months

It’s getting ever closer to the tiny man’s second birthday. The fact that I’ve an almost two year old is stranger to nobody than me. He’s a proper little person now; independent and wild (just a few steps back from feral, we’re doing okay). I’ve been looking back at the earlier update posts which documented my very tiny baby getting very slowly bigger, and it’s like it’s a different child – the time has absolutely flown. I didn’t believe it at the time, but the saying “The days are long but the years are short” is definitely a quote to live by for the infant years. That, and “This too shall pass”. At 22 months, we’re hitting head on into toddler-dom, tantrum first, but it does have a lot of rewarding moments too.

22 months update

So, what is he like at 22 months?

TEETH – I’ve honestly lost count. I think we’re almost there, but he does start nibbling on everything every couple of days, I just know I’m not sticking my finger into his mouth – those pincers are sharp. He does love to brush his teeth though – the trick was changing to the organic strawberry toothpaste and bargaining that he could do half if I could do half. Hopefully that will stay that way!

HAIR: Lots of it, blonde and floppy, having had his first hair cut a while back. Should probably get him another one…

FOOD: He eats like a sparrow at home but from all reports in creche eats everything around him. Loves fruit, and dinner from other people’s plates – it’s difficult to eat with him around and not get your food taken! Avoiding dairy as much as possible as it gives him stomach cramps. Liable to break into boxes of cereal and steal snacks from under your nose.

BadMammy.com 22 month update boy stripes t-shirt toddler
His Oliver Twist Routine

WORDS – Liable to repeat anything and everything. Have to keep reminding myself to correct him when he pronounces things wrong – even if it does sound cuter the way he says it. Constantly babbling, something tells me he is going to be a bit of a chatterbox. As well as talking, he likes to sing – Twinkle Twinkle and the Wheels on The Bus are ones he will always join in with.

LOVES – To dance, tickles, Mango, Peppa Pig, Any and All Emergency Services Vehicles (Thank You Fireman Sam), picking his bedtime stories and “reading” the book himself after we’ve read it together. Cuddles. Dogs. Paw Patrol.


DISLIKES – Being told ‘No’, having to stay in his buggy, being spoon fed.

NAPPIES – 4+ Tesco

CLOTHING – A mixture of 12-18 months and 18-24 months. While he needs the length in the legs, he’s got a small waist so his trousers fall down in some of the bigger sizes.

BEDTIME: Between 7 and 8pm; generally has his bedtime bottle and his story and takes about 15-20 mins (on good nights) to drift off. He stirs once or twice a night most nights, but generally sleeps until close to 7am. When he climbs out of bed and runs out of the room yelling like Braveheart. That’s one way to embrace the morning (ignoring the still in night mode Gro Clock).

NAPS: 1, generally an hour, always awake before 1.30pm or he is a nightmare to get to bed that evening. If he skips his nap, or has it too early (lately if he’s awake from about 6am he’s liable to fall asleep in his buggy around 10.30/11am) he has a witching hour from 5pm onwards, when I debate how bad it could be to set bedtime for 5.30pm.

The toddler phase is tiring, frustrating, but also really cool at the same time – when he’s not causing havoc, it’s deadly to see him interacting with other kids, learning new skills and figuring things out for himself. It is hard to not be a helicopter parent, trying to protect him from all harm, but he’s definitely making the most of his independent streak and has absolutely no fear, as any trip to the playground will provide evidence of! Even when we’re not having a good day, when I’m fit to put him up on DoneDeal for a good price, he can easily gain forgiveness from one of his super close cuddles and kisses. Kid has me wrapped around his finger.

These days won’t last forever (even the ones that feel like they’re taking forever to get to bedtime). I’ve just got to try and make the most of them.



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