5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Less Organised

I am one of those people who was clearly talking at the back of class the day organisation was handed out – it’s not something that has ever come to me naturally. That’s not to say I don’t try – my Leaving Cert study timetables were a work of art, I was obsessive about the notes being perfect and I attempt to keep track of my life in a diary. However, unless my phone reminds me of certain things, I can be a bit forgetful – it’s not that I forget things are on, I just lose track of the date. So, even with all of the ads in the shops, Fathers Day rolling around this weekend is still a box I need to tick, for both E’s Daddy and my own. Given that I have a few days left, it’s not as if I can order a personalised anything that will get here on time. I’ve also used up my token amounts of times I can give socks. So here are some ideas for those, like me, who are that bit less organised but want to get something to make the Dad in their life a bit special.

5 Fathers Day Gift Ideas For The Dad In Your Life

Bachelors Box

Let’s start with this, knowing full well I’ve just said “instead of socks”. Subscription boxes aren’t just for the girls, there is definitely a market for these with men as well and Irish company Bachelors Box fits in here. They pride themselves on their products which focus on style and grooming, so if you’ve a dad in your life who likes his ties and looking snazzy, this may be for him. A 2 box subscription is currently down to €60, 3 months is €90, each box is a surprise and will definitely give them something a bit different from what everyone else is wearing. The website also stocks accessories such as wooden watches (which I’m looking at for the watch lover in my life), cufflinks, traditional shaving kits and much more. He’ll definitely see it as better thought out than the socks and chocolate from Tesco.


The gift of bingewatching. If your dad hasn’t already got Netflix, he’s been missing out on the goings on of House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and so much more. Speaking as someone whose dad was introduced to Netflix just last Christmas, it’s definitely gone down an absolute treat here – the only issue I’ve had is that he’s better at the bingewatching so I have to watch out for spoilers when I’m talking to him! You can get vouchers for Netflix in Gamestop for €15, €25 or €50, so that he can try it for himself – or if he’s already a convert, that he doesn’t have to pay for his subscription for a while! Since Orange is the New Black is back this week, and most big TV series are off on summer hiatus, it’s a good time to get stuck into something new!

Netflix Vouchers are a great gift idea for your dad this Father's Day!



If the dad in your life loves to read but the house is filling up with the book collection, a Kindle may well be high on his wish list! All of the on-the-go reading, none of the hauling heavy books around with you. Great for those who travel a lot or commute, or even just wind up waiting around in the car for kids to come out of activities! You can now get the basic touchscreen Kindle, which is glare free and has an incredible battery life, for less than £50 from Amazon here– a must have for book lovers!

Get Dad who loves to read a Kindle this Father's Day!

A Bow-Tie

If he’s a man who loves bow ties, there’s an Irish company from Cork who make an incredible range of unique bow ties which should bring a smile to his face! Quite reasonably priced and excellent quality, Beau’s Bows go from the everyday to the bespoke in design and should definitely inspire compliments and questions from others! Definitely good for that gift that’s just a bit different (and supporting an Irish company to boot, giving all of the good karma!) Check out their store here, or if you’re in Cork, get them from various retailers.

Wine And Dine

Going out for a meal is always a good bet! Choose a place he loves, or a place that you’d both like to try – check out websites like Groupon or LivingSocial for deals in eateries in your local area, there can be some incredible value there. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach, or so we’re told, so this one should definitely be promising. If you can’t make it out to dinner on the day, a voucher for somewhere he’d like to go is also a great bet.

Bring Dad out for a meal, some wining and dining this Father's Day

These should be a bit of a help in generating ideas for the Dad in your life! Let me know what the best Fathers Day gift you’ve ever given (or received) has been in the comments below!


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  1. These are fab ideas! I love the bow tie one particularly. That is so cute!
    This year from my daughter I have printed off a free printable with a really cute quote and found a black frame for £2. I’m pretty chuffed with it!

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