5 Parenting Bloggers You Shouldn’t Be Missing

They say that to become a better writer, you need to read constantly. Right now, much of my reading is online, as I’ve less time for actual book-reading. The things I search out are generally to do with my own circumstances, so parenting blogs feature heavily. As I love a good list post, here goes – five parenting bloggers that I think you should watch out for. These are bloggers who I follow religiously, whose posts make me laugh and cry and have all of the feels, and who have definitely paved my way in parenting and blogging about it in learning from their experiences. If you’ve not checked them out already, you’re definitely missing out and you have a lot of reading to do.

5 Parenting bloggers you really shouldn't be missing

Let me start with saying that picking just five is a very difficult task. My start in blogging this time around came inspired by some of these bloggers, reading their tales of the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth, poo explosions and funny moments got me through my most hormone-ridden and cooped up pregnant days. But as I’ve gone with only five picks, choices had to be made – there are many others out there who I’ve referenced in other posts and who I will in the future.

With such explanations out of the way, I should really stop rambling and get started.

Five Parenting Bloggers You Shouldn’t Be Missing

Bumbles of Rice

This was my very first parenting blog that I came across back in late 2013, shared on my timeline by a mutual friend and ever since has been one of my most read blogs. Sinead combines parenting advice, brutal honesty and healthy but actually tasty recipes which are family friendly and puts them all in one place, ready for easy perusal. My return back to work after maternity leave was much helped by reading her post about her own return in April 2014. I’ve been introduced to (and will one day remember to actually put into practice) the concept of batch cooking and how it makes life a million times easier. My own breastfeeding woes were made feel better by seeing that it wasn’t just me. That’s a theme here actually, honest parenting showing that it’s not just one kid, your kid, that every perfect moment shown to the public eye is hiding a multitude of imperfect but just as real and part of family life moments. There are tantrums and scary visits to A&E, but at the same time, moments of loveliness and fun family experiences are plentiful.

The Airing Cupboard

This was one of those blogs where I literally sat in my hospital bed in CUMH and read from start to finish during those late pregnancy days, and boy was it a tonic to the feelings of frustration and general craziness of late pregnancy with high blood pressure! Now a Mama of two adorable kids, Suzy started her blog upon finding out she was pregnant way back in 2011. Since then, tales of babies, breast pumps, toddler tantrums and wonderful moments have filled my feed and made me howl laughing while nodding along going “It’s not just my child then”. My introduction to the world of Wonder Weeks came from her posts documenting them, and I’ve definitely learned much more than I ever thought I would about the joys of paleo and good gut health from this blog. It’s been really interesting too to see the journey between her pregnancies and early baby days, in particular about breastfeeding.  A standout post from 2014, for the quote “spring loaded midget”, is this one about when the toddler pulls a Houdini. There were tears of laughter and awkward explanations to my mother who thought something was wrong, I was in such a state. If nothing else, childbirth with no drugs and a broken wrist should draw you in for a tale of heroism, right? Definitely worth bookmarking, her updates will no doubt make you smile.

My Little Babog

Around the time I started this blog, Kellie started out on My Little Babog, writing all about life with her new little man and his older sister in a down to earth, brutally honest way. Since then, Kayla has gone viral, two more babies have come into the world (one rather dramatically too) and Frankie has continued his trail of destruction as only little toddler boys can. Other key posts to check out are a guide to dealing with your kid ingesting poisons (useful for all parents to know!), some tales of co-parenting, and the reason you should never take your eye off the ball when a toddler is involved. I definitely recommend following My Little Babog on Facebook as well, it definitely brightens up my newsfeed with updates of toddler mischief!

Learner Mama

I’m a c-section Mama, it wasn’t my plan but it’s how my baby safely came into the world. I found Learner Mama’s blog an excellent resource while pregnant and hospitalised as it had been mentioned to me that due to pre-eclampsia I was going to be induced, and there was a chance it would end in a c-section, so I did my reading up. As well as this informative guide which I found invaluable, Lucy has gone on to set up a c-section mum website filled with birth stories, information on options  and outcomes and all of the bits you want to ask your doctor but don’t get to. Over on Learner Mama, her 10 things Motherhood has taught me linky was definitely helpful in the early days (yay for being pre-armed with info!), 10 things C-Section Mama’s should know was an education (yay for more lists) and the guide to looking after a sick child is full of useful tips. A wealth of knowledge, definitely worth bookmarking.

The Clothesline

This is a blog for those days where life has got you down and you’re in need of a lift. When you’re in need of someone to grab you by the hand and throw you into their lives in a fly on the wall way, this is your girl. Mama to four, the balance between practical and hilarity is perfectly met. The gateway post for me was the rather informative and funny “11 Things about Labour and Birth not in the Books” which definitely served me better than my one-half-of-the-two-antenatal-classes did. Since then, I’ve creased myself laughing at the new addition of a pet giraffe to her house, cried laughing at her retelling of her trekking trip in Kerry (moreso because I can totally see this happening to me) and been amazed by her tale of unexpected home birth of her gorgeous youngest child. I’m currently reconciling myself with the fact that I’ve got an almost two year old and preparing for the Highs and Lows of the Terrible Twos with a guide by a woman who knows well how terrible they can be.


You may have seen a bit of a theme in the ones I chose – it’s parenting at it’s most brutally honest, with a good dose of humour added in, it’s what I look for in parenting bloggers that I’ll go back to time and time again. Hopefully if you’ve not discovered these before, you’re currently writing off your weekend to read through the archives and add them to your must-read lists!

Have you any other recommendations for must-read parenting bloggers? Or ideas for future Friday’s Five lists? Let me know in the comments below!


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5 parenting bloggers you really shouldn't be missing


  1. Ah thanks for the really lovely write up, you summarised what I try to do with the blog perfectly, I might just have to steal it for my bio:)
    Great choices too , they’re some of my favourites too.

  2. Thanks so much for including me! I am honoured to be on such a fab list on such an equally fab blog! You have included some of my favourites too!!

  3. I am always looking for new parenting blogs without any sugar coating and the ones you listed are fabulous. I will be following all of them. 🙂 I am a new Mama Warrior Blogger as well battling my little rebel army on a daily basis. I am brand new in the blogging world and would love if I made it to the must-read list sometime in the future.

  4. Great post Lisa. So many parenting blogs out there good to get a synopsis especially of the brutally honest ones-that’s what we mama’s really want and need

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