A Catch-Up of sorts

IMG_2472It seems I am in no way destined to catch up with my post-a-day promise.

My MacBook decided to pack up and leave me last weekend for the second time in three weeks. Last time, I paid silly money for a basic procedure of taking the battery out and putting it back in again, but alas, temporary fix only, now the logic board has been replaced and I’m waiting to hear when I get it back and can get back to my normal writery ways. I’m preferring to think that it is the lack of computer that is stemming my flow of wittiness, fun and candour instead of regular writers block or actually just not having anything of substance to say. Lesson has been learned though. As the logic board is (thankfully) being covered under consumer law (yay for Consumer Law!!), saving me the bones of six hundred euro in repair costs thanks to being able to find my receipt, I’ve come to the conclusion that for all things technology, unorganised me should definitely stick to buying online where there is a paper trail. I could resolve to begin being organised and file everything, but the realistic option is to just get everything emailed to me. Anyway, the laptop is expected to be returned at the end of the week, so my grand return to literary genius, or erm, ramblings about sleep deprivation shall return soon.

Speaking of sleep deprivation, this post is being written at 6am, from my phone, as I feed the child who slept for NINE AND A HALF HOURS last night. He has done this once before, and only once – two weeks ago, the night before I abandoned him for my jaunt up to Dublin to meet the Irish Parenting Bloggers and left him with his daddy for the day. It comes as no surprise to me that the second coming of the Big Sleep is also followed by a day without me and with his Daddy. I sense a theme. And a reason to escape more often. It clearly helps the child sleep. For his own well being. Not entirely sure what that says about his thoughts of me as a Mammy, I prefer to think that he’s hibernating so he can have the energy to wreak havoc while I’m not there. Or something to that extent. Sadly today’s escape isn’t as fun (8 hours in work, party time not so much) but it’s an interesting coincidence. Road trip with wine anyone?

The well-slept Man himself

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  1. He’s delicious! Those eyes! Amelie used to screw with us by sleeping in every second morning when it was Brendan’s turn to get up with her. It was never ever me. God forbid I might get a chance to wash my hair.

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