What My Almost Two Year Old Toddler Wants

The child will be two on Thursday, full on toddler mode, though on any given day he’s going on 15. He’s become a lot more vocal in the last few weeks, definitely a lot more assertive about what he does and doesn’t want, and knows how to communicate these needs to you. Loudly. Repeatedly. Alongside a chorus of “Mam. Mam. Mam”. Family have been asking for ideas for birthday gifts for him, to which I’ve really been drawing a blank (what do you give the toddler who has a tonne of toys he likely forgets he owns?), but then I started thinking about all the things he’s made sure I know he wants over the last week…

Things My Toddler Wants - BadMammy.com

  • That Banana.
  • Paw Patrol.
  • Peppa.
  • No, Paw Patrol Again.

Paw Patrol - Things My Almost Two Year Old Wants

  • Whatever is on my plate, even if it is identical to his (untouched) plate.
  • That orange.
  • Another episode of Paw Patrol.
  • Death to the 10 second wait between episodes (at least, I think that’s what the scream was).
  • To get into his buggy.
  • To get out of his buggy.
  • A bottle.
  • Not that bottle. Actually, no, that one will do. For a sip.
  • Another banana.
  • That car. That car. That car. Repeat ad infinitum as we pass every single driveway from our house to the city (there are a lot of driveways).
  • To go to creche.
  • To stay in bed instead. Socialising isn’t for me these days.
  • To take over the phone call, taking after his Nanny by starting the goodbyes 30 seconds into the call


Toddler talking on phone

  • To brush his teeth.
  • To wear his shoes. For EVERYBODY TO WEAR SHOES. At all times.
  • Paw Patrol.
  • Another banana, if one is going.
  • A drink from Mama’s water bottle. No help needed. How did that get all over my shirt?
  • To sit on Dada’s lap, preferably during an important phone call which I’ll happily partake in. Loudly.
  • Not to wear pants.
  • To rock the nappy-shirt-shoes look.
  • Another bottle. (Shh, don’t tell the health nurse)
  • To get out of the buggy.
  • To walk. No, be carried, no, be swung like a monkey through the streets.
  • To run wild in the shop.
  • A “num num” (preferably of the banana variety, but we’re not fussy).
  • His Ne-Naw (fire engine)
Fire Engine - things my toddler wants
Ne-Naw meets Farm Safety Video. Oh dear.
  • Likewise, the Tract-oor.
  • To throw his dinner on the floor.
  • To eat Mama’s dinner.
  • Another bottle.
  • A bedtime story. Always Dear Zoo, first read by Mama/Dada, then again by him, complete with animal noises.
  • Cuddles for sleep. No, stop cuddling.
  • Probably another banana to have while watching Paw Patrol…

As for birthday present ideas, I’ve got no idea. I’m busy googling to see if my toddler is part-minion based on his banana obsession…


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