What My Almost Two Year Old Toddler Wants

The child will be two on Thursday, full on toddler mode, though on any given day he’s going on 15. He’s become a lot more vocal in the last few weeks, definitely a lot more assertive about what he does and doesn’t want, and knows how to communicate these needs to you. Loudly. Repeatedly. Alongside a chorus of “Mam. Mam. Mam”. Family have been asking for ideas for birthday gifts for him, to which I’ve really been drawing a blank (what do you give the toddler who has a tonne of toys he likely forgets he owns?), but then I started thinking about all the things he’s made sure I know he wants over the last week…

Things My Toddler Wants - BadMammy.com

  • That Banana.
  • Paw Patrol.
  • Peppa.
  • No, Paw Patrol Again.

Paw Patrol - Things My Almost Two Year Old Wants

  • Whatever is on my plate, even if it is identical to his (untouched) plate.
  • That orange.
  • Another episode of Paw Patrol.
  • Death to the 10 second wait between episodes (at least, I think that’s what the scream was).
  • To get into his buggy.
  • To get out of his buggy.
  • A bottle.
  • Not that bottle. Actually, no, that one will do. For a sip.
  • Another banana.
  • That car. That car. That car. Repeat ad infinitum as we pass every single driveway from our house to the city (there are a lot of driveways).
  • To go to creche.
  • To stay in bed instead. Socialising isn’t for me these days.
  • To take over the phone call, taking after his Nanny by starting the goodbyes 30 seconds into the call


Toddler talking on phone

  • To brush his teeth.
  • To wear his shoes. For EVERYBODY TO WEAR SHOES. At all times.
  • Paw Patrol.
  • Another banana, if one is going.
  • A drink from Mama’s water bottle. No help needed. How did that get all over my shirt?
  • To sit on Dada’s lap, preferably during an important phone call which I’ll happily partake in. Loudly.
  • Not to wear pants.
  • To rock the nappy-shirt-shoes look.
  • Another bottle. (Shh, don’t tell the health nurse)
  • To get out of the buggy.
  • To walk. No, be carried, no, be swung like a monkey through the streets.
  • To run wild in the shop.
  • A “num num” (preferably of the banana variety, but we’re not fussy).
  • His Ne-Naw (fire engine)
Fire Engine - things my toddler wants
Ne-Naw meets Farm Safety Video. Oh dear.
  • Likewise, the Tract-oor.
  • To throw his dinner on the floor.
  • To eat Mama’s dinner.
  • Another bottle.
  • A bedtime story. Always Dear Zoo, first read by Mama/Dada, then again by him, complete with animal noises.
  • Cuddles for sleep. No, stop cuddling.
  • Probably another banana to have while watching Paw Patrol…

As for birthday present ideas, I’ve got no idea. I’m busy googling to see if my toddler is part-minion based on his banana obsession…


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  1. Lisa this is my life.
    Cars. Banana’s. Paw Patrol. Teeth. Boppy. Repeat.

    Also big thank you for confirming my sons birthday is in fact not Thursday but Friday.

    1. You’re welcome.

      I hear it could be worse. At least they don’t like Dora. She makes me want to drink.

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