April Snapshot : A Look At Last Month in the BadMammy House

It’s 1 May – which means that April is all over and done with. It’s Bank Holiday Monday, E is staying in his grannys, and my body clock has decided that being awake at 8am is still par for the course. Still though, it’s nice to have the time to sit down and reflect on the last while. I really liked the format used for the linky from Awfully Chipper a while back, so I’m going to use that again. Here’s a look at a snapshot of April in our house.

April Snapshot- A Month in the Life

Listening To

Throughout April, it was a whole lot of Generation Why podcasts. They’re fascinating, looking into conspiracy theories and seeing if any of them really do have any substance. I really enjoyed ones like the Princess Diana conspiracy theories, and one about the death of Tina Watson, which I hadn’t heard of previously.


I’m still on a come down from my mega-bingewatch of 13 Reasons Why. If you’ve not seen it yet, get on it – you won’t regret it!

We’ve watched a whole lot of Paw Patrol, Blaze and The Monster Machines, Pocoyo (that one is VERY weird) and Little Baby Bum on Netflix this month. Or rather, the kid has, and we’ve gotten the songs stuck in our heads.

We had a date night out to the cinema early in the month and picked “Going In Style” – I’d definitely recommend it, it’s a proper heartwarming story about pensioners who want to rob a bank to get their money back.


This piece over on My Little Babog made me smile last month – the title for one thing, and the fact that it’s not just my child. I think anyone with kids can empathise!

I’ve started reading “Highest Duty: My Search For What Really Matters”, the book that the film Sully: Miracle on the Hudson is based on. It’s really interesting, even before the Hudson event, to get an insight into the life of a pilot.

Looking Forward To

Some nicer weather hopefully – for April, it was absolutely freezing! In the mean time, we’re planning our family holiday to South Africa later in the year. One way or another, I’ll get some sun on these bones!


Lots of coffee. It’s never enough though. I’m having one of those weeks where no matter how much sleep or rest I get, I’m still wrecked. Likely needing an infusion of vegetables and a bit more minding of myself, but we’ll get there!

I am working on upping the amount of water I drink but as always, thats a work in progress.


Far too many layers for what is nearly Summer!


Far too much chocolate. It was the season after all (damn you Easter Bunny). I’ve made a decision to make a proper effort on the weight loss front over the next while, but the junk food is just so bloody tempting.

Mid month we enjoyed some incredible milktart – a South African dessert which I was introduced to by Himself, and have learned how to make really well, if I say so myself. It’s delicious and one of my favourites!

Working On

Trying to get more organised with the blog and with life in general. Health wise, I’m trying to get my back to a level where I can go back to work and live like a normal 25 year old. It’s a long slog but I am slowly getting there. In the mean time, I can try to focus on getting this blog off the ground. It’s good to have something else to focus on, especially on my worse pain days. It can be hard to feel motivated some days, but I’m getting there.

Permanently Frustrated By

My Chronic Pain. My own limitations. It can be easy to become disheartened, in particular on the days (and there have been a lot this month) where it feels like once one pain is gone another pops up in its place.

Toddler tantrums over nothing at all. I have to keep telling myself it’s developmental, it will pass, but there are days where I feel like running away. Of course, he manages to pull me back in with a “I love you Mummy”, but some days just feel like a slog.


My growing confidence with driving. I’m ready for my next test – hopefully my last – this time I have got this. (Let’s just ignore that I said that all of the other times, right?). Right now, being able to drive has given us a whole new freedom to head off places unplanned, day trips to places not catered to by bus. It’s also making the idea of trips home to Wexford much nicer – no having to rely on the goodwill of family to drive us, or long bus journeys with toddlers in tow!

E getting that bit bigger and being able to properly enjoy days out – we headed back to Fota again this month, for Tesco’s “More Than An Egg” event. It wasn’t as gloriously sunny as the day we went in March, but it was really enjoyable and he loved seeing all the different animals.

Not Enjoying

Being the only person my son thinks should be awake at the ungodly hour he wakes at. Being woken up at 5am by a toddler who refuses to lie there quietly with the ipad is one thing. Moving beds, and leaving him in the bed with his Daddy, and being followed is another. When I eventually did get up and turn on the TV for him, it was a little too loud. He looked at me with a pained look on his face and said “Shhh, Mummy, Daddy sleeping!”. The rage is real.


So, there is April in a Snapshot – how was your month? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. Come over to Facebook or Twitter and give me a shout, or leave a comment below!

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