Banana Pancakes; a break from Hunger Striking


So lately, as well as a sleep issue, we’ve been dealing with the fact that E, previously a decent eater, has decided to go on hunger strike. He won’t be spoon fed, and most food has a bite taken out of it and is flung on the floor. I’d take it as an insult to my cooking if the same wasn’t applied to carrot sticks and raisins – which have become somewhat of a staple diet. He’s 13 months old, and on the lower side of the normal weight scale, so obviously this has caused a bit of panic. I’ve been reassured by the doctor that his appetite is normal, that he’ll start eating in his own time, that I should stop worrying – but as a parent, I’m not sure we can ever turn that switch off.

He’s gone back onto his formula bottles in the mean time, so at least I know he’s getting the nutrients, but I am always looking for new things to try him with. Finger foods, naturally, as a spoon just gets flung back in my face. Last week it was banana pancakes for lunch after creche pick up time.

These are super ridiculously easy TO PREP – the cooking bit is actually the hardest bit with these as they burn ridiculously fast. It’s definitely a memo to me to make sure to only use the super-di-dooper Non Stick pan for these! They’re also healthy, as the only two ingredients are mashed banana and egg, so no nasties to worry about or Mammy guilt that you’re feeding the child rubbish!

So, the recipe goes as follows:

Mash 2 ripe bananas.


Whisk 3 eggs.

IMG_4902 IMG_4901



Mix the two.

Heat pan with oil/butter – lots of this, or it burns way too fast.

Pour some mixture on, flip once solid, complete for all pancakes.

Somewhat looks like Ireland. In banana pancake half cooked form.


And that’s it! Something not even I can mess up too much 🙂



Serve with blueberries, maple syrup or topping of your choice! (Maple syrup is what I used above).

And enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did; they’re so simple and tasty and slightly smugly healthy to boot. Let me know of any tips or spins on these that you’ve used – always looking for new things to try improve!



  1. Lovely. Huge hit here too. Ive always only ever used one one egg and they work perfect. Defo use the good pan. I find frylight sprqy works great, and turning them down super low once youvr poured mixture on to hot pan! I also find.the smaller i make them the better they turn out. Easirr to flip over

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