Perfect Gifts For The Blogger In Your Life This Christmas

In the run up to Christmas, it can be stressful to figure out just what kind of gifts will put a smile on different faces. Often, it can be useful to focus on a hobby or occupation that the person has when it comes to picking a gift, as it will be something they will use and cherish instead of abandon to the back of the cupboard. Bloggers are no different to this regard. So, if there’s a blogger in your life that you’re scrambling to get the perfect gift for, look no further. Here’s a gift guide to aid you in pleasing the blogger in your life this Christmas.

Blogger Christmas Presents

Blog Theme

If the blogger in your life is in need of a bit of a pick me up, a new lease of life or is planning to make 2018 the year they take the blogging world by storm, they may be looking at a new blog theme to spruce up how it looks. The gift of a new blog theme, or a voucher for a company who develops them can be a great help. Personally, I know I waiver around the idea of spending a significant amount of money on something which is currently a hobby BUT as a gift it is a brilliant idea and something I would really love. Obviously talk with them first about their plans before buying a theme, but perhaps veer them towards websites like Pipdig, Creative Market and ThemeForest and offer a voucher/to buy the theme of their dreams. Many of them also include installation which will definitely reduce the amount of swearing at the screen while things go wrong.


A Blog is for life, not just for Christmas. Subscriptions for things like hosting or stock photo plans are a great gift that will last for much longer than the festive season, and will help them all the year through.

Grammarly comes in a free and a Pro format, and should be an essential for anyone who publishes writing anywhere. It is particularly helpful for sense checking sentences, making sure your grammar is correct and making your blog much easier to read. The Pro version has a lot more features than the free one, including checks for punctuation and context, plagiarism and writing style. Grammarly premium is $29 (€24.50) a month, $60 (€50) a quarter or $140 (€118) a year (which works out at less than a tenner a month). It’s a useful tool and may become an essential part of the toolkit of your blogger friend’s work space.

Canva for Work has been one of my most used tools over the last year for my blog, and is another subscription service which any blogger will love. It costs $12.95 a month (€11), or $120 for the year (€101). Though the free version is brilliant, I’ve found the settings and having my templates and saved fonts to be so much more efficient with putting out images and having everything branded to look like my own.

Audible is always a good pick, as time may be of the essence – I’m a big fan of sticking on an audiobook when I’m relaxing, or having it on in the background when I’m blogging. Not only do Audible subscribers get their first month free (which means a free book), they also have the option to give it back if they don’t like it (voice of the reader can be a real deal breaker) and swap it for another one. Each month you receive a credit for an audiobook, and also have reduced pricing on many other titles. I’ve gotten lucky with various promotions they’ve run over the last few months where I’ve gotten two books for 1 credit. For bloggers or just readers in general, a subscription makes a great gift. Sign them up here and get the first book for free.


For the blogger looking to get bigger into photography on their blog, a camera may be top of their list. Many of the bloggers I asked for this piece were adding a new shiny camera to their wish list this year. Fellow Cork blogger Fiona from Dolly Dowsie has mentioned the Canon G7x Mark II (the same camera Zoella uses to vlog) as being high on her Santa list this year as she’s looking to improve on her photography skills. It’s a popular camera because it packs so much into being a compact camera that’s handy to carry around in your bag, while giving you incredible quality images and video.

Canon G7x Mark II

Ellen from Bumps and Roundabouts is also on the lookout for a Canon camera, but a DSLR instead of a compact in her case. Ellen’s got an incredible Instagram which I am in awe of, which can only get even better with a new piece of kit. While she’s dreaming about getting a Canon EOS 70D, she’s also aware that Santa’s elves have a limited budget, so has also got her eye on the Canon EOS 700D DSLR, an 18MP camera that still packs a punch.

Canon EOS 70D
Canon EOS 70D


If you look at Instagram, there are various accounts that just have a perfect look going on – marble and wood backdrops abound. While it’s probable that SOME of them are actual marble tiles and wooden floors, many more of them are using backdrops to set up perfect photoshoots without actually buying a whole new round of furniture. Kellie from My Little Babóg has been dropping hints for a gorgeous vinyl backdrop from Capture By Lucy. If the blogger in your life is looking to up their Instagram game, this will definitely go down well this Christmas.

Just some of the selection of Backdrops available on Capture By Lucy

Ring Light

Lighting is really the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to photography. This can make life a bit awkward when the Irish winter doesn’t really give you much of a window to have natural daylight to make your photos look amazing. Ring lights have become increasingly popular over the last few years for allowing bloggers to take self portraits or photos in general in gorgeous lighting. Hannah from HiBaby has got the Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18″Outer 14″Inner 600W 5500K Ring Fluorescent Flash Light top of her list for perfecting those photos.

Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18"Outer 14"Inner 600W 5500K Ring Fluorescent Flash Light


This one is a request I can totally understand. Sinead from Bumbles Of Rice is a busy mum of three, lawyer, blogger and avid Instagrammer. She’s well versed on the difficulties of balancing absolutely everything in life and getting the blog updated at the same time. So when I asked her what she’d add to this piece, an intern was her answer. You and me both! This one might be a bit of a stretch for now, but one day!


Hands up who has ever wrestled five minutes away from their toddler to finish up a blog post? Many of the parents I asked who are also bloggers have said that babysitting would definitely be top on their list of dream blog gifts this Christmas. The gift of time is really something you can’t put a price on, and for many blogging is their outlet outside of “being Mammy”. While this one might sound like a dream-gift, it’s one of the easier ones to implement – offer to take the kids once a week/fortnight for a few hours to let them get blog stuff done. You can even make up little vouchers to put inside a card – the important part is actually implementing it and not just creating a false promise.


Getting organised is definitely a permanent addition to my lists of New Years resolutions, so around this time of year I start looking for things to help me get there. As of yet it’s been unsuccessful, but I (and many other bloggers) have decided that 2018 shall be the year. In particular, gaining a bit of organization around this whole blogging thing is something I really want to do. There are various planners out there to help us get there – you’ll be thrilled to hear this is a cheaper option than the intern! Sinead from Shinners and The Brood has got the Epic Blog Planner on her Santa list this year. Each month includes a page to plan important goals and tasks before the month begins, a page to track progress on key stats and goals after the month ends, two pages per month to brainstorm content ideas for your blog, email list, products, and collaborations, as well as space near the monthly calendar to write notes or record your content ideas before plugging them into your calendar.

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In my travels, I’ve come across The BadAss Blog Planner which has made its way onto my wish list this Christmas – anything to get a kick up the backside into my blog organising for the year to come.

A Perfect Mug For Tea

There’s a whole lot of tea drinking done in blogging (or coffee, if you wish), so a nice mug to drink it out of will go down well! This Little Miss Blogger mug is very cute and will be a happy addition to any blogger’s arsenal. 

Portable Charger

Phone batteries can be unreliable at the best of times, and if you’re blogging from your phone and working social media, it can be essential to have a charger with you at all times. Portable chargers have become a popular addition to many blogger toolkit’s, mine included. This one from Anker is a great buy as it allows you to do a super quick charge with a 4.8 QA output. It’s light enough to throw into your bag and bring off with you – just make sure you remember the cable! You can get cheaper ones in Penneys and many other stores but I’ve found them to be a bit hit and miss with their quality, whereas this one is great and really does last.

So, there we have it – gift ideas for all budgets (and a few that we acknowledge openly are in the dream world arena). If you’re stuck for blogger Christmas presents, hopefully that will be a good way of pointing you towards something they will love. What’s on your list this year?

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  1. Thanks for the mention Lisa! Some really great gift ideas here – must show my other half this post before he buys me something I don’t really need when a lot of these could be ever so useful! If I get that Canon Gx Mark II I might just cry with happiness 🙂

    1. You’re welcome – it’s great to get different ideas for gifts! It looks like an incredible camera, I was eyeing cameras up but I am VERY much so a beginner so can’t really warrant the shiny this year, whereas your photography is far from a beginner level! 🙂 Hope you have a great Christmas!

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