The Netflix Tag

netflix tag

I’ve had Netflix for about a year and a half now, and was lucky enough near the end of last year to become a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which has been a fantastic experience. With the Netflix subscription, we didn’t bother renewing our UPC subscription so have saved ourselves money, and time listening to their dire on hold music when the blasted thing wasn’t working (most of the time). In comparison, price wise it was a no brainer, and content wise it just meant less of the crap rubbish mid-week tv I was watching (anything decent live can be watched on the channels player generally online) and more time to catch up on those series that I’d said for months I really should watch. Read More

#HomeToVote – A bright star of hope.

Votw Yes

There has been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing about how this election will go. My inner optimist is saying (shouting from the rooftops, more like) that of course it will pass, we are a modern society with progressive people and our country has come a long way. My inner pessimist (ye olden Irish “what can go wrong will go wrong”) is saying we’re not giving enough credit to the manipulative propaganda of the No side. The message of the referendum has been muddled beyond belief – mixed in with fears about surrogacy, adoption, what our children are taught in school and the effects on those who don’t believe that LGBT people should have the same rights as heterosexual people.

And then last night, there came #hometovote. Read More

Things To Keep Me Sane (May Edition)

things to keep me sane


Life has been stressful lately. There’s been a lot going on, and I’m struggling to keep up, especially with tiny man properly on the move now. I am however resolutely refusing to let it get me down, and with the help of some sanity aids I’m getting there slowly but surely. It’s the start of Summer, not that you’d know it from the weather, so hopefully these are things that will continue to bring me peace in myself (or a five minute interlude from life) for the next few months. Read More

Call Noah, we may need an Ark in here

Processed with Rookie

We got a little too complacent about that lovely weather. “It’s going to be a great Summer”, we said, licking our Baileys magnums and staring out at gorgeous sunsets from the balcony after a few successive evenings of wonderful weather. “Best stock up on the sun cover and the suncream”, we said, as we walked a good ten km walk in the blinding sunshine (child fully covered, both adults getting roasted alive) to buy the damn things. They’re now sitting in the corner of the living room laughing at me. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. This is Cork, land of the rainy season all year long.  Read More

Mammy’s Night Out, the IPB Awards!

Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015

Saturday, 25th of April. Dublin. It’s lashing rain, clearly, because we all want our hair and our tan to work out properly. The long awaited Irish Parenting Blog Awards. Inaugural awards night, which started as an idea a few months ago and thanks to the work and serious effort put in by some incredible bloggers (more about them later), it not only became a reality but a brilliant one.  Read More

Driving Miss Daisy

I hope to be this confident in a car someday…



Years behind everyone else, I finally got my provisional licence (on the second attempt) at the age of 23. With one kiddo, and a growing hatred for the wonderful timekeeping of Irish public transport (I’m looking at you,215), the appeal to be independent of bus timetables and attempts to fit buggies onto cramped buses was growing rapidly. Unfortunately, so was my fear of the road. Read More

First Steps into New Territory

When I started to think about going back to work after having E, there was a large amount of thought put into childcare and how he would spend his days while I was tied to my desk, enjoying those uninterrupted cups of tea. I worried that he wouldn’t settle for someone else and that he would feel abandoned by both of his parents. While knowing I needed to work for both my sanity and to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and a lifestyle I wanted for my son, I fell prey to the inevitable Mammy guilt, made all the worse on days where he woke up not feeling great or was extra clingy. I tried to think of the best options, trying to put to the back of my mind the seemingly endless reports on the failings in our nations childcare facilities highlighted in the media over the last two years. While I wanted him to be able to mix with others, I also realised that set hours and putting my trust into complete strangers with my tiny baby was potentially not going to work at the very start.  Read More

The Case for Marriage Equality: Make Grá the Law

Okay, time to get serious.

Ireland is voting to change the way our society treats a minority group within the next few months. Like any referendum, both sides have strong voices, and strong opinions on why the other side is clearly wrong. Our last referendum was a rather tame affair in comparison to this one; it seems that the debate as to whether to afford the same marital rights to same sex couples as to heterosexual couples has stirred up just a tad more feeling than whether or not 21 year olds should be allowed run for president when Michael D is finished reciting poetry to us, or indeed the rights of children being written into the constitution. Read More

Taking Baby Steps and Walking Miles



We’re getting there. Both me and the little man have been doing a lot of walking lately. We haven’t quite hit the stage of walking without clinging to something or someone (mostly Mammy’s leg or the sofa) but E is mad on the move and is so so close to proper independence. I can barely keep up with his crawling so when he gets running I’m proper done for.  Read More

Lately On The Internet



Lately on the internet

It’s been a busy few weeks for me; aside from having some time off work and spending my days chasing after a half-nappy-changed toddler who is crawling faster away from me to escape than I can run, I’ve spent a lot of time online. While a fair bit of my time has been spent indulging in the wonders of my Netflix subscription and entertaining my Law and Order SVU  obsession; I’ve also spent a lot of time in the blogging world, both reading and writing. Here are some of my highlights… Read More

A How-To Guide for Mothers Day : Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

This year will be my second Mothers Day. I live in hope that it will run more smoothly than the first, as last year it was my first day out of hospital, I was a fish out of water and wasn’t taking to it very well. This year, I’ve managed to adjust to being a Mammy, adjust to the sleep deprivation, and get on with it, so I’ve got high hopes. I’ve got even higher hopes of 11 month old E learning to read so he can see this list and choose from it wisely. In the essence of the day that is in it, here are a few ideas for spoiling your mother/the mother of your child this Mothers Day.

A How To Guide To Mother's Day -

Read More

Things to do in Cork: Cuidiú Coffee Morning

As I have said previously, none of my peer group of close friends had had babies when I was pregnant, or indeed had my own baby. This left me at a distinct disadvantage with regard to planning play dates or even just socialising – the best cafes (newer, hipster, slightly better coffee) always seemed to be inaccessible and as cute as they did find my son, the lack of conversation on his part (and the lack on my own, between only having baby things to talk about and being distracted by him) was definitely a deterrent. I noticed them pull away a bit and so was left in a bit of a twilight zone. Enter the Mammy and Baby groups.  Read More

March Madness!

March Madness


Another month gone by. Another first day of the month where I resolve that this is going to be the one where I give up the chocolate biscuit habit (oops), take up jogging (I’ve an excuse for this I swear!) and go to bed at a reasonable hour. That means it is now March, which is a special month for a number of reasons. It’s the month my parents got married, so kudos to them, means I’m here doesn’t it? It’s also the month that I gave birth last year. Oh yes, my little man is going to be a year old. A full year. Wow.

There’s a lot going on – heres just the things I’m looking forward to most… Read More

How to Get Your Baby to Go the Heck to Sleep




It seems to be one of the mysteries of parenthood. Some people have it cracked from the day dot. I’m convinced that they’re paying their children to sleep for them. And I’m tempted to try it. Others, not unlike myself, take a bit longer to get the knack of getting the little darlings to close their eyes, stop whining/shouting/making gurgling noises with their finger and lips, and settle into a slumber so Mammy can have some much needed downtime on the couch catching up on all things Shonda Rhimes (or whatever other show you’re currently engrossed in).

So what is this secret? Here are my steps to getting the child to concede to the land of sleepy time. Read More

Excitement, she’s in Print



Yesterday, I was able to walk into a book shop and buy a magazine and open it to find my words, my name and my photo written on the glossy pages inside. To say I’m excited is an understatement – the fact that someone else found my writing worth publishing, and not just relegated to stuff I put up myself on the internet is something which amazes me and has done since my initial emails with the editor. Read More

The Quiet Time

IMG_3058I see an awful lot of 5.30ams these days. Previously, I would have looked on this as a time only acceptable from the other side; no sane person would ever willingly be up and awake at that hour, out of warm cosy bed and dealing with the freezing cold morning. These days however I come equipped with an alarm clock that can’t be silenced, as much as I shush him and attempt to grapple five more minutes of sleep, he is in control of the sleep and having gone to bed at 9pm the night before, he’s happily all done with that. Really, I should start going to bed that early myself… Read More

Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week

So we’re half way through the week, I’m on my Friday of my work week (only 3 days in this week, the joy of my long weekend last weekend!), and honestly, I’m only fit for the bed. Life has been so hectic lately and I think I’m just rather run down, and looking after a tiny man with a huge personality and a large capacity for exploring requires so much more energy than I ever could have anticipated. Honestly, if you could bottle his energy, I’m fairly sure you could make a fortune selling it to poor wrecked people like me!

On the side of all this hecticness, theres been certain things keeping me going; these have been my little loves of the week! Read More

Here We Go Again

Been a bit quiet around here the last few days. Life has gotten busy, I’ve discovered the joys (sarcasm fully intended) of the late shift when you don’t get a lie in (a work day that ends at 8 when you’ve been up since potentially 5 is not fun), and I was feeling super proud of my sleeping child and my resolve in making my life healthier. Life was good, until I tried to make it better. Read More

New Years Aspirations

IMG_2890.JPGEach year I make New Years resolutions. Each year I promptly break them at about, oh, 12.02 on New Years Day – at most a few days later, as long as I’ve decided “They start when you wake up” (Clearly, the “give up drinking” can not be enacted at 12 midnight on the night in question). They’re typical, and unrealistic and I wind up beating myself up about failing at them fairly rapidly. Read More

Loves of December

It has been a while since I have done one of these! There has been a lot going on lately, getting caught up with Christmas plans, a lot of health related stuff (semi positive for once!) and general taking care of tiny man mixed with being a worker mama – it takes a lot out of you. However, with that in mind there has been a lot of lovely stuff going on too – December is for the most part a happy month, filled with positivity as well as being freezing cold. So what have I been loving at the moment? Read More