8 Christmas Gift Ideas For New (and not so new) Parents

Christmas is a magical time of year. It might only be mid-November, but the rush has already begun to get everything perfect and to start picking up gifts. When there are kids in the house, the holiday can become all about them, and less about the adults in the house. They definitely deserve some love too. If you’ve got friends who have recently become parents, or have been cohabitating with tiny humans for a while, here are a few suggestions for Christmas gift ideas they’re bound to love.

8 Christmas Gift Ideas For Parents

Marino Wool Baby Blanket

Fear not, this isn’t a gift guide FULL of gifts aimed at the little people, this is the only one, but this is definitely more for the parent satisfaction than the baby! I remember looking endlessly for super soft blankets to wrap Eliott in when he was tiny, and trying to wash them in ways to ensure they stayed as soft as possible. These Marino Wool Baby Blankets from The Sweater Shop are perfect for this and are absolutely gorgeous, as well as coming from an Irish company. There’s one winging its way to my friend who has a newborn in the house, and I’ve got one to give away over on Facebook if you’re so inclined!

You can win this blanket over on the BadMammy Facebook page!

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Ever played Cards Against Humanity? This is the parent’s version and It. Is. Brilliant. This game will make you laugh until you cry, and definitely look at this whole parenting malarky a little bit differently. Perfect for the parent friends who don’t take life too seriously. Get it here and enjoy!

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If you know anything about parents, you know that they are TIRED. Sleep is a rare commodity, and aside from offering overnight babysitting on a regular basis (not always a possibility or something you might wish on your weekends), coffee is as good a compromise as you’re likely to get. As with anything with small kids in the house, speed is of the essence, so a coffee maker like the Aeropress should slot right into their lives. It’s easy to use, meaning that overtired heads don’t need an engineering degree to work it and gets them great coffee every time, and no environmental woes like there are from pod-filled coffee makers. Win-win! Get it here, and pair it with a bag of great coffee (Cork’s own Mahers or Galway’s Badger and Dodo are always good bets.)

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Tile Mate

How often do you lose your keys? Or have them hidden from you? I lamented for ages that I wasn’t able to call my keys like I was my phone, and then I received a Tile Mate for Christmas last year. My life has changed. When I can’t find my keys, or I’m accusing the toddler of hiding them (he has form), I go into an app on my phone and press Ring and it plays out a loud tone from my keys. It’s genius, and they will love you for it. (Also works for wallets. Sanity, not so much, but it does help). Get one here.

Thermal Coffee Mug

While making the coffee with speed is essential, getting to drink it in a timely manner may not always go to plan. Cups of cold coffee around the house are par for the course when life is dictated by small kids. So a thermal mug that ACTUALLY keeps the heat in goes a long way in ensuring their precious caffeinated gold actually gets drunk at a reasonable temperature. This one from Klean Kanteen comes highly recommended to me from Suzy who writes at The Airing Cupboard, and as someone who didn’t get more than 4 hours sleep a night for 2 years, I’d bank on her word for this one. Pick one up here (and perhaps one for yourself while you’re at it!).

Get Mammy Wine Socks

You might have seen these doing the rounds online, but if they’ve escaped your notice, say hello to socks that order the others in the house around. There comes a certain time of the night where it’s time to be in a totally different room from the kids and settle down – this at least places Mammy’s order for her. Get them here.

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Netflix Subscription

If they’ve not been converted to the way of the Netflix (or they have and you just want to cut their costs), a Netflix gift voucher will always go down well. Not only can they get stuck into series like Stranger Things, Orange is The New Black or Making a Murderer, there’s also tonnes of movies and kids content on there to keep the whole house entertained. They’re available in Gamestop stores nationwide.

Personalised Frame Gifts

If you’re looking for a keepsake they will cherish forever, make sure you look at these gorgeous frames from As Cute As A Button. Whether it’s to mark Baby’s First Christmas or to get a frame encapsulating their family at this point in time, they’ve got something for everyone. And, to make it even better, its an Irish company who truly make their products with love. While they have some seasonal stock (the Christmas stockings are gorgeous!), they’ve also got some frames that can take pride of place in houses all year long, and for handmade crafts are really good value too. Make sure to check out the different options they’ve got available on their website to find the perfect gift for your friends or family.

So, there we have it. 8 Christmas Gift Ideas for the parents in your life, whether they be new to this or used to everything. Hopefully you’ll find something they’ll love, something to make them smile and give them (almost) as much joy as a nights sleep. Maybe.

If you want a chance to WIN one of the gorgeous Marino Wool Baby Blankets listed above, head over to Facebook and enter there – the draw will be on until next Wednesday at 6pm and winners will be announced on social media and emailed. They’re a gorgeous Christmas gift idea for new parents, or one to hoard for yourself 🙂

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