The Best Friend Pampering Christmas Hamper

What to get the friend who has everything?ย The person whose present you really have to get right? Theres only so many bath related gifts a person can get before they start wondering if people have other intentions than just “Ooh, she’s a girl, she’ll like bath stuff” (It’s a good idea to check that persons house has a bath before giving bath bombs. Just a tip.)

The Best Friend Pampering Christmas Hamper - Four Walls, Rainy Days - Christmas Gift Ideas

This year, my three best friends all presented me with this dilemma. These are my girls, my rocks, my providers of wine and chats who have stuck with me through thick and thin –ย they’re family, furniture, and I really wanted to get it right. They’re amazing women and deserve the best. So then it hit me – a bad day kit. It’s less negative than it sounds – promise. Basically a box filled with treats to cheer up any day that has stress, personalised for the individual. Some basics remained the same throughout but little tweaks made it the perfect fit for the individual friend. The lovely Riona has given the go-ahead for me to use hers as an example here – if you’re stuck for that present for someone close to you, this may add some inspiration!

An overview of the box put together ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a couple of essentials for a feel better, become calm, it’s not such a bad day kit.

The cup, which is part of the new Considered by Helen James range in Dunnes, is integral – a cup of tea does indeed make everything feel better and is as it says on the tin – always a good idea. Stashed inside the cup are some tea bags, some sachets for instant lattes and some hot chocolates.

Next was the time-to-relax-at-home stuff. The usual – nice bath things, candles, facemask – it doesn’t count as a “just bath stuff” gift in this context! For this hamper, I headed into Lush and picked up a Butterbear – a very cute shaped vanilla scented bath bomb which I love personally. I also picked up a facemask from Boots, and some Yankee Candle wax melts – the perfect bath time accompaniment. I also got a hand cream from the Body Shop, which I adore.

Finally, we hit the failsafe options for ensuring any stressful day feels a bit better – wine, chocolate and a shiny golden medal to remind her of how fantastic she really is! I found these chocolates in Dealz, in fantastic little packets of five luxury Lily O Briens Sweets – the perfect small addition to a gift! The Nutella was a personal choice for Riona’s hamper; as was the Rose – having lived together for four years, I knew that these things were things we both turned to in times of stress and having a mini of each handy wouldn’t go astray! Finally, the medal was something I found in Tiger, and once I saw it I knew it was essential – sometimes you just need to convince yourself that you are indeed a champion at whatever it is you’re currently doing – and if having a shiny medal to remind you of that is what it takes, then that works too!


I put all of it together in a simple shoebox and wrapped it in pretty wrapping paper, so it looked well put together but was quite simple (and this is from a bad wrapper!).

If you’ve left a present to the last minute because you can’t figure out what to get that person, perhaps this post will be of inspiration to you! What would you include in a “keep calm bad day” hamper? Leave comments below – I’d love to hear other peoples suggestions for additions!

An Ideal Present for Your Bestie - A Pampering Hamper just for them with everything they love inside!



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