A Bit of a Gorgeous Nails Haul! Elegant Touch Sale Gone Mad

elegant touch nails four walls rainy days

I may have documented on here once or twice how much I’ve started liking to have my nails done pretty despite having crappy nails myself – the invention of false nails has definitely been a help in this. Normally I’ve picked them up in Boots on random wanders in, but lately I made a trip to the Elegant Touch website and discovered they have a sale on – DANGEROUS! I discovered quite a lot of bargains and so after splurging out a bit, lets call it investing, I managed to get 10 pairs for the price of 4 – not bad going for a random find! May as well do a bit of a “haul” post! (Usual programming of parenting, poo and caffeine addiction will resume shortly).

elegant touch fake nails polished

First up were some basics from the “Polished” range. I actually got three different colours of these – the Storm colour are currently on my nails so I had no box available but when these ones are done I’ve got the gorgeous reddish-purple of Berry Blush and a more blue-purple Acai Berry. These are UV Gel fake nails, which means they don’t chip as easy and retain their shiny just-manicured look for longer – day 5 of wearing the Storm ones and apart from one or two reapplications when a particular nail fell off, they’re in perfect condition.

glitter fake nails elegant touch purple black

Next up was a little bit of glitz and glamour – who doesn’t love adding a bit of shiny joy into their day?  Elegant Touch do a couple of colours in their Glitter range, I decided on the purple and black (Glitz N Glamour and Silver Crystal) options as I felt these would do for both day and night looks on the odd chance of a night out! These are applied with the adhesive tabs, but I tend to get them to last a bit longer by using glue.

lace and hot pink nails elegant touch

A bit more variety in the patterns of these ones – from a rather elegant lace design in black and nude, to a shiny very girly pink and silver stars pattern – these are the kind of nails I would compliment others on! I especially love the lace for a more formal event perhaps (maybe a wedding I’m attending in August), it’s something a bit different from the normal french manicure to add to my outfit. The hot pink and silver are a lot more fun as an everyday look.

hot pink tye dye nails easter egg pattern elegant touch

For the last while I’ve been tempted by all things ombre, so when I spotted these nails I snapped them up – slightly safer option than my hair to start off with! Again these are used with adhesive tabs, which I have tried but found I do prefer the glue as I feel it lasts longer and is less finicky. The Easter themed ones which I discovered earlier this year and have been repurchased a few times are some of my favourite nails ever – the different colours, cute design and mix-and-match style is something I really like as a fresh cheer-up – hey, if I can’t comfort eat anymore, I may as well get my joy somewhere! These do come with glue, yay, and as with all my fake nails, are in size Small as I can’t handle anything that protrudes too much from my hands.

christmas fake nails elegant touch red and white

Finally, I spotted a Christmas set which I felt I had to order – and yes, I do know its June, but they can live in my shoebox of nice makeup and nail bits until December when they will be ready to go – when they were so cheap I just couldn’t leave them there. Very festive, red and white patterns, definitely on my To Do list for later in the year.

All in all, not a bad lot to get for less than 40 euros, definitely would have cost a lot more had I bought them separately (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!). I got mine delivered through Parcel Motel, making the most of free postage to the UK after spending more than 15 pounds. There are loads more still available on the site but I’m pretty sure I’m banned from it for the moment as this lot should do me for now – but if that’s what you’re into too, definitely check it out.

This is not a sponsored post, nobody has sent me pretty nails free of charge, I merely made the most of an incredible sale and wanted to show off all my new shiny bits. That said, if anyone feels like sending me shiny things, I won’t say no 😉 


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