Everything but the Fireman’s Pole : A Fire Station Bedroom for My Toddler

Have you got a fireman-crazy kid at home? Looking for some bedroom revamp ideas? That’s exactly what I’m up to at the moment – trying to plan a room for my little man that will make him feel like Fireman Sam.

Creating a Fire Station Bedroom for My Toddler - Four Walls, Rainy Days

My nineteen month old is OBSESSED with Fireman Sam, or as he refers to it “Nee-Naw”.  (Loudly, in public, shouting it out for all to listen to). The theme tune, the characters, every single fire engine he sees, he’s mad about it. It makes sense, since from really early days he has been mad about the colour red. The theme tune is permanently stuck in my head, and I find myself spending too much time thinking about how much easier life in Pontypandy would be if Norman Price was sent to boarding school and other such things, but it keeps him quiet and isn’t half as annoying/questionable as some of the other offerings of Children’s Television these days.

Since we moved house in September, I’ve been meaning to do up his bedroom and make it much more of a little boy room, rather than the adult-based neutral themed boring room. The obvious answer is a Fireman theme – not necessarily Fireman Sam, as that can get dated quickly and add expense to a theme which can be put together in a less costly and more creative way. I’ve been eyeing up little bits which I think would pull together a room which he would adore (and hopefully want to sleep in). 

The key part of any bedroom decor is the duvet cover; it’s here that you can make a big splash of colour and express whatever theme you’re going for (even if sometimes it’s “What I could find in the cupboard”). For a Fireman theme, there are a couple of options which appeal to me. This set from Debenhams Bluezoo Kids collection is bright, non-specific to any character and is quite cute! It’s also blue which is an altogether more calming colour than red, which is probably a good idea for a bedroom of a toddler who is already a handful to get to sleep!

This cushion from George at Asda would be a really nice addition to his pillows – I think getting to sleep on a fire engine would be something he’d love!

We’ve already gotten one of these fab storage ottomans with a fire engine theme from HomeStore and More – they’re great, providing little seats for little people, as well as providing a hiding place for all the messy toys and adding a splash of colour to the room. We’ll definitely be investing in another as the toys seem to be multiplying as he gets older, and space is at a premium!

For the walls, I found this super cute customisable print on Zazzle, a fire truck with his name above it. It’s simple and not too loud but fits with the firefighter theme. They’re also a bargain in comparison to some of the other things I’d been checking out, so that’s always  a bonus!

Finally, although not especially fireman themed, a road map mat, perfect for playing with cars, fire engines and large imaginations, is something I think would really tie the whole thing together and make it a room design that will outlast the toddler years and into him being a little boy as well! This one from Amazon is exactly what I’m looking for.

So, that’s my main bits of a room do-over to make it one Fireman Sam would be happy to sleep in – what else would you include? Let me know in the comments below.


A FiRESTATION bedroom for a little fireman Samn - Four Walls, Rainy Days





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