Excitement, she’s in Print



Yesterday, I was able to walk into a book shop and buy a magazine and open it to find my words, my name and my photo written on the glossy pages inside. To say I’m excited is an understatement – the fact that someone else found my writing worth publishing, and not just relegated to stuff I put up myself on the internet is something which amazes me and has done since my initial emails with the editor.

The piece in the magazine (this month’s Maternity & Infant Magazine) is a piece I wrote for a linky some months ago, where I referred to my post natal depression in not so nice terms. I was passionate. I was pissed off. I was brutally honest because sometimes you just have to be.

I hope someone who is reading this article and who may be having the same thoughts I was can say at the end of it “No, screw you Black Dog, this won’t defeat me”, and be able to tell someone, to get help, to admit she needs help. The more publicity postnatal depression gets, the less of a stigma in society it will become,and that in itself will hopefully help other women who are in the shoes I was in, I am still in, and get them talking and receiving the help they need.

And, you know, having the headline of my first ever published article in a shiny magazine containing a swear word? Well, thats just gravy.



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