Exciting News for BadMammy.com – Awards Season!

It’s Awards Season in the Blogosphere, it’s all very exciting. Yesterday evening, I got an email to tell me I’d gotten through to the Shortlist of the Blog Awards Ireland with BadMammy.com, this little blog here. Not only that, but two shortlists!

Awards Season News At BadMammy.com

Yes, BadMammy.com has been shortlisted in two categories, Best Parenting Blog and Best Health/Wellbeing Blog. I am very pleased and grateful that people like what I’m doing on here. I hope that my content continues to appeal to everyone! From tales of toddler woe and tips I’ve learned along the way, to rants and sharing of tales of mental health, I feel that these two categories are definitely ones I’m happy to be considered a good source of reading in!

This is where I am asking a teeny tiny favour: part of this section of the Blog Awards is determined by a public vote (I think it’s around 20%). So, if you’re feeling the love and would like to send some votes my way to get me into the final, I’d really, really appreciate it. Sending all forms of love and good vibes your way. Perhaps even toddler-sleep vibes, if I’ve any to spare.

It’s fairly simple to vote, you’ll need to log in but you can do so with a Facebook or Google account, or a LinkedIn one if you’re that way inclined. It takes a few seconds to log in this way, or you can create an account if none of those options appeal to you.

If you’d like to receive all the toddler-sleep vibes I can muster, you can vote here:

Best Parenting Blog

Best Health & Wellbeing Blog

Any votes or love I can get is very much appreciated. On the other side, if  you would like to see me do more/less of, tell me. I’m always happy to receive feedback. drop me an email or leave a comment and we can chat!

The public vote will run from Wednesday 17th until Tuesday 23rd August, so don’t hold off too long. 

You can access the main voting page for all blogs below to check out other categories!


Thank you for your support, it really does mean a lot.


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