Some Fantastic News….

Some fantastic news in BadMammy house this week. After a public vote, has been voted into the final of the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards for Best Parenting Blog.

Some Fantastic news... Please Vote for as Best Parenting Blog in the Maternity & Infant Awards.


Thank you so, so much to anyone who voted for me thus far. I’m really glad that you like the blog, that you’re reading my ramblings and that you hopefully feel that the tried and tested parenting tips are beneficial to you in any way! However (and there’s always a however), I’m going to need to be cheeky and ask for a little bit more support to progress that little bit further.

Voting for the final has opened today at midday – you can vote here. I would REALLY appreciate (in a sending you all of the love, lucky lotto numbers, child-sleeping-through the night vibes method of appreciation) if you’d head over to that link and tell them you love the blog. It takes two minutes, you can log in using Facebook or your email (Facebook is likely the quickest). I’m feeling really lucky to have gotten this far, but my competitiveness has come to the fore, so I’ll get into this!

I’m up against some incredible competition, many of them fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers, so all and any votes will be much appreciated. These votes along with the votes gained from the first round, will account for 100% of the overall score. The voting is open to everyone once again which means if you voted before, you can now vote again. This time it’s for the winner. So, sending all of those lovely vibes out into the universe right here!

There, shameless begging post done, back to rants on sleepless nights, tantrumming toddlers and how two years on I’m finally starting to lose the “baby weight”….



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