Funky Giraffe Bibs – Cute, Dribble-Proof and One for Every Outfit

Funky Giraffe BibsReview and Giveaway

Since having E last year, I’ve bought a lot of baby bibs. For one thing, it took us a long time to figure out just how bad the staining was with sweet potato (never, ever ever use white bibs when your child is a messy eater), as well as sheer forgetfulness on my part to stick spare ones in the bag on our way out. The fact that they came in ridiculously cute designs merely added fuel to the fire, and sure “They’re only four euro”, the ever-lasting Penney’s trap, was at play at the same time. I’ve bought them in varying quality; some would be nearly considered disposable, others (the amazing wipe clean ones from Tommy Tippee) considered lifesavers and essential items. I’ve always had a soft spot for the multiple designs though, bandana bibs can truly make an outfit, they are full on baby accessories. So, when I got the chance to review some of the wonderful Funky Giraffe Bibs, I jumped at it.

I got to pick out some designs on the website which I liked – this was the hard part, as there were so many that I fell in love with. In the end, the ones below were the ones I chose (apart from one which was sold out so I got two seahorse bibs) – designs that I felt would fit in with the outfits E had, while also not being the same as everyone else. From reading the blurb on the website, and other reviews (these have been a major hit in one of the parenting Facebook groups I’m in), I was glad to see that these weren’t just a look pretty product – the fleecy back would also stand up against the endless drool fountain that is my sons mouth, stopping a rash occurring on his little neck from the irritation.


The package arrived promptly, and straight away we tried the first one on – blue with seahorses. The colours were vibrant, the fabric soft and with two clasps at the back so that E couldn’t rip it off – not a fan of things on his head or his neck, so the velcro ones are useless in this house – they also had staying power. For the rest of the day he drooled to his hearts content and unlike others it didn’t need to be replaced, and still looked deadly, with one or two people we ran into that day asking where I’d gotten it and commenting that it was very unique.


They also wash well – E being an absolute messer especially when it comes to food, and having rediscovered food and snacking like it’s going out of fashion, means that any bib he wears inevitably winds up stained or with food dried onto it. Having gotten an Ella’s Kitchen red Smoothie dripped onto it, as well as those wonderfully vibrant orange carrot stick crisps that always leave a stain, I was expecting it to come out a little bit marked, but it all washed out leaving the print on them intact and as nice as it was beforehand, no need for hand washing or washing at a cooler temperature. Definite winner.


Overall, I’m really happy with the set that we received and will definitely be picking up some more and recommending them – there are so many cute designs that its hard not to. One thing I’m really happy about is the fact that they’re global with online stores in the UK, Australia, Italy, Spain and France. my cousin who just had her gorgeous baby boy last week is in Australia and since they have a store over there, I’m able to order her some really cute stuff and not have to pay the massive postage and pray it doesn’t get lost in the post from Ireland.The difficult bit is going to be choosing which bibs to send her…

So now that I’m after pointing out how ridiculously cute they are, you might be pleased to know that Funky Giraffe have very kindly offered my readers the chance to win a set of TEN bandana bibs from their website – that should keep you going for a while. For your chance to win this fantastic prize, you need to

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– Leave a comment below or on this post on the Four Walls, Rainy Days Facebook Page , telling me what kind of designs you find cutest on baby clothes.


Competition closes Friday 17th July at midnight 🙂 Winner will be emailed and named on the blog.

Best of luck!

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  1. I won your last competition so probably too cheeky to enter again! But love this post and had to show my love for funky giraffe again! Currently putting in a new order as so many have gone missing since our last teething hell. Currently getting back teeth and he is like a St. Bernard they are the only thing that keeps him dry and comfortable. Love the blog Lisa!

  2. Love these bibs!! Dying to know what baby #2 is so I can start a new collection 😉 great post Lisa x

    1. Start with some neutrals and then add to them when you find out 😉 any excuse! Congrats and best of luck with the competition!

  3. I’ve been dying to try out these bibs. Little man looks adorable as usual. Checked oit their website and I love them all. Great review, defo staying on my need to buy list.

  4. These bibs rock, they are all I used for my son. They are super stylish. Particularly loved a black one I got with little skulls on it,like a pirate flag. Would love to win more for my bubs that’s due in a few weeks.

  5. Oh my god they’re all so cute!! Love the red & blue star patterned bib! Due out first lil bambino in under 6 weeks, would love some bandana bibs to add to the baby boys I’ve bought & keep having a sneaky peek at

  6. I don’t know how you’d even pick which ones to get from this site….they are fab! Loving the vibrant colours I’d love some for baby due next month I have a slight obsession with animal themed baby clothes, too cute! Especially when they have little hats to match.. a bib could really finish off the look!

  7. I love these bibs, they are in fact the only bibs I have found that really do their job and they look fantastic. I’ve recommended them so many times now I feel I should get commission! I seem to choose a lot of striped clothing for my son so I guess I like that design!!

  8. I adore anything floral. It makes a plain tee look nice…. Well until she gets food or sick all over it… God the joys 🙂

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