Got This Thing Nailed, A Giveaway!

If you follow me on Instagram* or are a long-time reader of this blog; you’ll know that over the last while I’ve grown a tiny little bit of an obsession with my nails. Mostly, in my case, fake nails, because I’ve a nervous tick of biting them and any attempt to kick this horrible habit hasn’t gone so well. What can I say, bit of a stressful year, but hey, that’s what the gorgeous false ones are for.

I’ve also recently been trying to spread the word about this blog, and all of it’s ramblings about nappies, PND and other such fun Mammy activities on different social media accounts, and I did mention a giveaway over the last few days. That time is now, so I’m combining my thanks to the lovely people who are reading my blog (new and old) and my obsession with pretty nails and having a nail product giveaway! These are all things I’ve picked up over the last while and stashed away as potential lovely bits to giveaway or use myself. I hope you like them!

(*And if you’re not, you should be 😛 )

So what have we got?

There’s a No 7 “The Nail Collection” set with glittery polishes, gel look polishes and their wonderful Protect and Perfect Intense Day Hand cream.


On top of that there’s also the Seventeen Nail Duo “Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects” set, to give your nails lots of sparkle and glitz for a night out.


Also, a Fearne Midnight Manicure Silver Duo of nail polish and nail glitter (you may be seeing a theme here).


Finally, a shiny No 7 Gel Look Shine polish in Peacock Green (my favourite shade), and a sunny yellow shade from Paese – great for brightening up any summer look.


If you’re interested (or know someone who would love something like this) just follow the competition guidelines below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

While sharing isn’t a requirement of the competition, do let any of your friends/family who might like this prize know – they may share it with you if they win, and sharing is caring 😉




  1. I love the varnishes from No7. It can last 7-10days chip free and still look really fresh! X

  2. Fabulous giveaway could do with treating my nails. They are horrendous

  3. Love Barry M and No 7 nail varnishes. Have a kinda nail varnish addiction.

  4. Love Barry M and No7 nail varnishes. Have a kinda nail varnish addiction.

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