10 GrownUp Advent Calendars For Everyday Treats This December

Advent calendars are something I associate with chocolate, from childhood. Behind each pane, a tiny chocolate, generally Cadburys. However, the market has really expanded over the last few years and you can now find advent calendars of every conceivable type, suitable for everyone’s tastes. As Christmas tends to be a time of over-indulgence anyway, this year I’ve decided to stay away from the chocolate countdown and look elsewhere for daily treats. Here’s a few grownup advent calendars that I’ve spotted that caught my eye – if you’re looking to treat someone this December, get picking them up now before they sell out.

10 GrownUp Advent Calendars You'll Love This December

For The Special Lady In Your Life

Boots No 7 Advent Calendar

I’ve missed out on this one every single year – I’ve gotten in too late and they’ve been sold out. This year, I was on the ball though, and managed to pick it up the day it went on sale. It’s currently staring at me from my kitchen table, enticing me to open it for the gorgeous No 7 beauty treats inside. The calendar goes over 24 days, straight up to the day itself, and contains good sample sizes of many products, and even some makeup brushes. It varies between the makeup and the skincare, with a generous selection of both. It retails at €50, with a value of €231. It’s still on sale in some locations but sold out in many, so if you can get your hands on it you’ll be lucky! Check out if it’s in a store near you on their store checker.

Zoella Advent Calendar

Zoella is a name you’ll likely be familiar with if you’re in any way attuned to Youtube, or the younger people in your house are. She’s an industry all on her own; with beauty and homewares lines in her name appearing in Boots and other places for the last few years. This year, she’s added an advent calendar to the collection. It encompasses 12 days of Christmas instead of 24, but has some bigger items as a result. It’s €65, so not the cheapest for 12 items instead of 24, including votive candles and pens, but if you’ve a fan in the house, they may love it. It’s also included in the Boots 3 for 2 offer so hopefully you’ll get a bargain alongside it.

Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

Moving away from beauty for a moment, Aldi have brought in a wine advent calendar for Christmas 2017. This strictly-for-grownups calendar contains 24 mini bottles of red, white, rose and fizz, will be available in stores from November 2. Aldi have said that the calendar is the equivalent of six full bottles of wine. It was created in collaboration with brands such as JP Chenet and Calvet. All the wines hail from France – except the sparkling bottles which come from Italy and Spain. I have a feeling there might be a rush on these when they come out, so get there early!

Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar

Amazon has joined the Beauty Advent Calendar biz this year with a very luxurious looking box of treats. Including brands like Elegant Touch (who I love), Bourjois Paris, Rimmel, Molton Brown, John Frieda, Essie and many more, it really does look like a proper treat. It doesn’t ship to Ireland HOWEVER if you use Parcel Motel or one of the other postage services that does that kind of service, you’ll be able to get it to your door. (And if you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, the shipping will be covered and super fast too). This one is a great option for the beauty lover who has everything but needs some treats to get through the hectic season. Pick it up here.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

In the spirit of the above picture from the fabulous Confessions of an Irish Mammy, there is a special place in my heart for the Yankee Candle. This year’s Advent Calendar comes in the shape of a Christmas wreath. As well as having a selection of festive scented tea lights, it includes a Glass Tea Light Holder. It’s currently available in the Yankee Candle website for £24.99 or over on Amazon for £18, or if you prefer a bricks and mortar shop, in Debenhams currently for €24.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar



Something a Bit More Manly

Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar

This calendar from The Bearded Man Company is sure to keep your bearded buddy happy this December.  This alternative advent calendar comes crammed with enough beard oils to see him right through to well after Christmas!  So his beard is going to look and smell amazing every single day in December. Bearded Fans will love this ultimate section of miniature treats in this luxurious calendar. Each day he will discover a new scent, as our advent calendar contains 24 of our most popular beard oil scents. They say that by Christmas his beard will be better than the white-bearded man himself. The calendar is £29.99 and you can get it here.

Haynes Build your own FM Radio Calendar Kit

If the man in your life likes to build things or have a project to work on, this is for him. Build a working FM radio with little effort – no soldering or complicated assembly, just simple and safe parts that fit together. Learn and understand about each new component with 24 daily tasks (& experiments) to complete. Countless circuit variations to implement different ideas and build a unique FM receiver. Then cut out the back of pack and make a retro style radio box. And all for less than £15. Get it on Amazon here.

Clarins for Men

If the man in your life cares about his skincare, this may be exactly what he needs this December. Over the 12 days of treats, he’ll be treated to some of Clarins best mens skincare including ClarinsMen Smooth Foam Shave Gel, ClarinsMen Shave Ease Oil , Exfoliating Body Scrub, ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser, Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate, ClarinsMen line Control Balm, ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, and Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, and more. It’s available in Boots for €78, Debenhams for €72 or on House of Fraser for £60.

ASOS Grooming Advent Calendar

Another option for your well groomed male is this fab Asos Grooming Advent Calendar. It contains a mix of 24 skin and hair products. The 25th window of this Advent Calendar contains a discount code for Asos. Get it for £55 here.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Martins Offlicence in Dublin has launched a Craft Beer Advent Calendar which should excite those who know their hops. The premise of the box is that you opening one bottle for every day on the lead up to Christmas. All bottles are placed in individual covered slots, so that it is kept as a surprise. This one is a bit of an interactive one. Alongside the calendar, there are Facebook and Twitter campaigns to add a bit of community to the proceedings.  The majority of the beers in the box are Irish-produced along with a small few carefully selected international beers too. Along with the Christmas seasonal beers, the box will contain as wide a range of beer styles as possible. Every style from lager and light ale down to imperial stout and barleywine will be covered.

Each night everyone opens the same beer, and then if you wish log onto Facebook & Twitter were you can interact with other like minded beer lovers and even the brewers themselves. They’re also holding a competition for a chance of winning a Craft Beer Hamper at Christmas. It’s the priciest of the lot at €110, but at €4.50 a beer, it may well be worth a try. Get it from their website here (they also accept individual orders for specialty calendars).

Not included in this piece, due to them being sold out already, were the Wera Advent Calendar (mini-screwdrivers!) and The Sock Shop Advent Calendar (24 new pairs of socks!). Next year!

So, there we have it – 10 GrownUp Advent Calendars to keep the adults happy this December. Hopefully you’ll find something to every taste. Let me know if you’ve come across any other gems for Grownup Advent Calendars. Leave a comment below or on Facebook, or tweet me. I’d love to hear from you!


If it’s the smaller folks you’re searching for an Advent Calendar without the sugar for, check out my post on 7 Chocolate-Free Advent Calendars Kids Will Love.

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