A How-To Guide for Mothers Day : Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day

This year will be my second Mothers Day. I live in hope that it will run more smoothly than the first, as last year it was my first day out of hospital, I was a fish out of water and wasn’t taking to it very well. This year, I’ve managed to adjust to being a Mammy, adjust to the sleep deprivation, and get on with it, so I’ve got high hopes. I’ve got even higher hopes of 11 month old E learning to read so he can see this list and choose from it wisely. In the essence of the day that is in it, here are a few ideas for spoiling your mother/the mother of your child this Mothers Day.

A How To Guide To Mother's Day - BadMammy.com

A Lie In

Call a halt to the “But I’m so tired from work” arguments, this is the one day a year (well, this and birthdays) where a lie in is a necessary wonderful evil. If kids are babies, its your day to get up at the crack of dawn with them, allowing Mammy to roll over and enjoy her Jamie Dornan related dreams for a while longer. If they’re toddlers or older, do try to convince them that you can do whatever they want Mammy to do for them. When Fathers Day comes around, the favour will be repaid. Promise.

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Breakfast in Bed

This is the classic start to Mothers Day, a lovingly prepared breakfast served as Mammy lazes in bed, a proper treat. Tea and cereal for the basic option, or if you’re out to impress, a full fry up, best served if you’re actually old enough to use the appliances necessary. Many’s a kitchen been plundered by Mothers Day breakfast (stone cold coffee straight from the kettle anyone?), but its definitely the thought that counts.

how to guide to mothers day - breakfast in bed - Badmammy.com

A Nice Card

If this is for the Mammy of your school-going kids, its likely Art class on Friday has this one (and a small gift) sorted – the card is a very important part of Mothers Day, and the handmade ones by your own children are definitely cherished (once you manage to make out the “Happy Mother’s Day Mammy” on the front). For those of you outside of Primary School art class, fear not, there are some fantastically clever cards on the market which shouldn’t fail to elicit a smile from the lady herself.

A Gift

To be honest, if I had all three of the above, I would be feeling on top of the world and very loved, but there is a whole holiday built around this day that people do give gifts to the woman in their life, so we’ll go with that. Again, if the child in question is in Primary School, there is likely to be a basket/clay sculpture/origami something or other with “I love Mammy” written on it and coated in pink and purple glitter. For the less sparkly of us, flowers, pretty candles, being brought out for lunch, a bottle of wine or a good book are all safe bets – you’ll know your own Mammy best. For the most part do try to avoid housing appliances – I’ve broken this rule myself this year as she ASKED for the coffee machine instead of the lovingly made glitter concoction, but turning up with an iron (and a bag of your laundry) is unlikely to win you any brownie points from the woman herself. Check out some other gift ideas here.

Relaxing with a Glass of Wine

This is somewhat of a continuation of that lovely lie in which she got to enjoy so much during the morning. In the afternoon/evening/after the kids have gone to bed, it may be nice to have some relaxing time, with a glass of wine and good conversation, not about who needs to put the bins out, but about nice things. Make her feel appreciated for all she does for you during the rest of the year (like you should be through the rest of the year).

How To Guide To Mother's Day - glass of wine.


What are your plans this Mothers Day?


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