Happy Birthday to Four Walls, Rainy Days

So it seems that a year ago today, I was trapped inside from raging wind and rain and decided the internet should hear my ramblings. At the time I was 8 months pregnant, a mini beached whale and been signed off work a few months previous, so my boredom levels were fairly high. So why not join the bands of Mammy Bloggers I’d recently discovered in regaling the world with tales of cravings, kicks and everything in between? I really didn’t see myself a year in the future, not only still at it, but as into it as I am.

So whats happened in a year? Obviously, I finished up being pregnant fairly soon after, my bump is now ten and a half months old, no longer a baby, almost walking. This is still something I regularly have to pinch myself about, though the flailing violent octopus my son resembles at 4am tends to ensure I realise it’s real a lot of the time. I had my maternity leave, returned to work and life has carried on. I was diagnosed with post natal depression and have since gone with the ups and downs of recovery. Blog wise, I was thrilled to be nominated and shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards (RIP) in my first year of blogging. I got involved with an incredible group of bloggers in the Irish Parenting Bloggers and from there my experience has just blossomed; these are funny, compassionate wonderful people who have enriched my life in ways I didn’t think possible, providing laughs, therapy and practical advice at all hours of the day and night, as well as encouragement in all things parenting and blogging. Getting to meet some of them in November was definitely one of the highlights of the year!

When I was little, I wanted to be a writer. My mother, the sensible woman she was (and still is) informed me to get a day job to pay the bills first and do the writing because I loved it. This blog is giving me the chance to do that; so lest a JK Rowling esque idea happen upon me, this is a good place for me. Blogging has given me a voice, a forum for my opinions and a chance to debate them with others. It’s opened doors for me I had never even thought of opening and increased my confidence in my abilities. It’s the best source of free therapy going, and looking back its a wonderful record of my child’s first year, the foggy bits I don’t remember well due to lack of sleep or just the general newborn fog. On top of this, I got a chance to get involved with the wonderful Parent.ie (currently on hiatus) and am this month having my first article published in Maternity & Infant magazine, which gives me all of the excited squeal feelings.

To those of you still reading all this gushing who haven’t reached for the sick bucket yet, thank you. Reading comments on blogs I’ve written or seeing them mentioned on social media and starting conversations about these topics has been fantastic and has never failed to make me smile. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and will continue to for the next year ahead!


  1. What a fantastic year it has been for you! Happy Blogiversary And hopefully many more to come. It will be amazing to look back and read all the amazing memories and times you have recorded.

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