This heat is absolutely all encompassing. It’s required us to keep the windows open day and night, allowing in quite a few members of the insect population of Cork, seeking our (still rather overheated) shade. Not that it seems to make a blind bit of difference, it appears the landlord forgot to write “Seasonal Sauna” in the ad on Daft last year (along with various other omissions that have irked us, but thats another story). As of last night, it seems he also left out the fact that we have a resident ghost…

Windows wide open, we’ve managed to get E into some form of a going to bed routine by about 9pm each evening, so we can then have our very late dinner and a few hours before he starts yelling at us again. At about half eleven, I remembered how wide the window had been left open, so went in to close it and the curtains, praying it wouldn’t wake the child, tiptoeing into the room.

As I did so, the childs mobile started to sing.

He was asleep. Arms not moving. The mobile didn’t move, nor did the light come on, but it was playing “Ring A Ring A Rosie”. To say I freaked out as an understatement.

What followed clearly comes from far too much of a penchant for shows like Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU. Clearly this meant that the window I’d left open had accommodated a stranger into our house who was going to kill us all in our sleep. The horror films all have the creepy lullaby music playing before everyone gets stabbed in the child’s room. So we armed ourselves and searched the house, turning all the lights on (and closing the bloody window). Nothing, nada, despite the fact that the wardrobe door had us both freaked out because it was moving and opening by itself just a bit. All rational thought vanished.

House empty, we concluded that clearly the place was haunted and reluctantly I went to bed, absolutely freaked and wired. With the light on. Incredibly the child slept through the whole thing.

So dear ghostie friend, tonight we’d appreciate if you kept to yourself, thanks. One night of freaking out is enough thanks!


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