Here We Go Again

Been a bit quiet around here the last few days. Life has gotten busy, I’ve discovered the joys (sarcasm fully intended) of the late shift when you don’t get a lie in (a work day that ends at 8 when you’ve been up since potentially 5 is not fun), and I was feeling super proud of my sleeping child and my resolve in making my life healthier. Life was good, until I tried to make it better.

It appears that cold turkey is not a method for me. In particular, giving up all of the good things in life (dairy, gluten, sugar, fun) in one fell swoop. The outcome was an onset of a feeling not unlike dying – which seems to have turned into a full blown assault on my sinuses and is something which is hopefully not becoming a chest thing. My resolve to stay off of these things lasted a grand total of a day. There were almond milk lattes, and soy lattes, and sugar free gluten free dark chocolate. While I do need to start cutting back on those things, I think I may need a different approach for next time.

In the mean time, my sleeping child seems to have hit what is either a blasted wonder week, a growth spurt, a teething frenzy or a combination of the above. He must be up in arms at all times, getting cuddles, when he’s not figuring out that he can stand up by himself and pull himself up to standing. Solo play is a thing of the past. Bye Bye morning coffee and Gilmore Girls while he plays with many singing toys. And bye bye sleep – he seems to be working himself into a frenzy to the extent that he gets sick… definitely not my idea of fun. I guess thats what I get for being proud of the sleeping…

Today, as it goes, is meant to be Blue Monday. Worst day of the year. Now while its not cripplingly awful, it could do with being a whole lot better – if tomorrow could have a sleeping child and potentially less sinus pain, the world would be a lot brighter place.


Anyone else got the January blues, or a solution to get the child back to sleeping?

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