How did You Get Here? Crazy Search Terms

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I like dealing with stats and seeing how people reach my blog to read what I’ve got to say. For the most part, people seem to follow links I share on social media accounts, which shows me that where I’m marketing it does seem to be working a bit. Some of the people who reach here find me through search engines; only some of the terms they use to get here are available but the ones that are never fail to amuse and surprise me. Taking a note out of the very lovely The Airing Cupboard‘s book, I’ve decided to share the joy and take a look at the more unorthodox of searches which led people to this part of the internet…

Boobies Bar

This led to my end-of-breastfeeding post, The Booby Bar is closed for Business. I have a very strong inkling that this wasn’t what the reader was searching for(a quick google search leads me to many strip and lap dance clubs), but I hope they liked what they found!

How To Pretend To Be Famous

I’m afraid I’m no expert in this regard – bar my one year of drama and theatre studies in college and random appearances in newspapers for things parenting related, I have in no way rocked the life of fame. When I googled it, I also couldn’t find any link to my blog within the first few pages, so I’m not sure where they were led but I hope they manage it nonetheless.

judge rainy xxx sexy 45

I’m as puzzled as you are. But probably not as puzzled as the person who searched this but found me writing about c-sections. Sorry for the disappointment.

what happens if you don’t put exam no on junior cert paper

There were a few exam related ones, thanks to my state exam post, lots of clearly worried searches about calculators not working, not putting exam numbers on and the rather strange “leaving cert mammy” – don’t think you were looking for a parenting blog, but hey, best of luck with your results.

yummy mummy being a bitch to me

Sorry to hear of your troubles, hope you just kept going head held high!


Those are some of the funnier search results that have led to my little corner of the internet. What have been the funniest things that you’ve found linked to you? What strange searches led you here? Let me know in the comments.

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