So this tag has been doing the rounds lately, the lovely Danielle from the fantastic blog Lilliwhite Rosehas tagged me so it would be only rude to not take part. It’s a rather lovely one 🙂


I am the Mammy who…

– Feels like a five minute extra sleep in the morning is as good as a three hour lie in.

– Would be lost without the wonders that are Ella’s Kitchen pouches – they make life so much easier.

– Knows all the words to the songs the V-Tech toys sing. Unfortunately.

– Hates the word Mum, prefer Mam, Mammy or Mom (at a push).

– Is kept sane by blogging and coffee, and the friendship of some rather incredible bloggers.

– Is either early or late; never on time. It’s too hard to be exact when you’re trying to get both you and a 13 month old out the door (mostly early though, thankfully).

– Suggests to her friends to invest in Baby Wipes. Before motherhood I never realised how many packs you will wind up buying…

– Didn’t expect to be a mammy at this stage of life but wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s so lovely to watch my little boy grow up and learn new things every day

– Battles with Post Natal Depression but I’m winning that battle with a lot of help and very understanding people in my life. It’s shite but it’s life. It does get better.

– Loves going for long walks, especially out along the Lee Fields or out by the Marina – Cork has some of the most gorgeous walking trails so close to the city!

– Major fan of coffee and wine, and partial to a bar of chocolate every so often… maybe a bit too partial.

– Has finally found the perfect jeans and the perfect lipstick, but still on a quest to find more and better!

– Eternally looking for a way to work from home so I can find a better balance between being a great mama and succeeding with whatever career aspirations come my way.


I nominate:

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