“I Forgot To Take My Pill”, the Parenting Book of a generation.

I’ve read my fair share of parenting books. Most of them while pregnant, unsure, terrified and hoping that divine wisdom would help me remove the watermelon I was growing in as painfree a way as possible. Since his birth, theres been a number of books enter my house telling me how to feed, dress, treat my son as he grows up to ensure that he’s the best he can be. Oh precious firstborn, I did my research on you. Most of it is a fat lot of nothing – Annabel Karmel recipes don’t seem to work on him, we’ve gone through numerous sleep books. None of them made me laugh (apart from the ones with seriously unrealistic expectations). None until “I Forgot To Take My Pill – An Honest Diary of a First Time Mum”, by the very funny Sharyn Hayden, which launched this week.

Sharyn normally writes at Raising Ireland, documenting life with her fiancee, two kids and dog. Her first book, I was thrilled to receive my copy as having read some of her writing previously, I knew this would be a good funny personable tale with none of the preachiness – very important to me in anything parenting related.


The storytelling brings us through the decision to have a baby (yay broodiness), the pregnancy, and the realities of adjusting your life to fit with how your tiny tyrant sees you should live it. Brutally honest and conversational, the book is split into super short chapters, perfect for quick reads while you get snatched minutes. The only problem I had is that I didn’t want to put it down; I was drawn in.

It’s a very relatable world in which Sharyn writes; her tales of the late night journey to find Baby Nurofen is one I was nodding along to, knowing there have been nights here we’ve almost been in the same situation. It’s honest parenting, which I think there definitely isn’t enough of, so it’s a fresh and very welcome voice to the market.

The promo video for the book can be checked out here; it does contain some very cute children!

I highly recommend checking out Sharyn’s new book; “I Forgot To Take My Pill”, which is now on sale from Amazon, or available for download for your Kindle, great for those sneaky super long hide-in-the-coat-press moments that parenting brings.


I received a complimentary copy of “I Forgot to Take My Pill” by Sharyn Hayden for review purposes, however I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own and unbiased. I do just believe that the book is great 🙂 I’m also a member of a fantastic thing called Amazon Associates which means that if you use the buy links above to the books, I might get a few cents thrown my way. Perhaps. Anyway, enjoy.