My Instagram Best 9 – A Photo Look Back on 2016

As the crazy days of Christmas come to a close, it’s got me feeling nostalgic of the year thats gone by. It’s a year that certainly won’t be considered boring to look at, that’s for sure. Politically, the world seems to have fallen on it’s head and decided that right wing is the right way to go. In the world of celebrity, the heroes of many have fallen to the will of death – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and most recently George Michael and Carrie Fisher, with many more in between.

Personally, it’s been a mixed bag. I’ve returned to the workplace after being out for 17 months. E has grown up into a toddler with crazy energy. I’ve had work published, and appeared in other publications. I’ve had medical procedures that hurt like a mofo, and struggled to keep on top of my mental health with my pain. I bought my first car and learned to drive, but failed my first driving test. 2016 for me is a “Work in Progress” year. Lots done, more to do, to quote a certain political party.  Looking back on my Instagram, it’s a nice look at the year that was. Here’s my Instagram Best 9, and a bit of an explanation for each one.

My Instagram Best Nine -

Photo One

May your Monday be Short inspirational image. This quote seemed to go down very well with my readers, it’s definitely one that reflects a whole lot of Mondays in my life. A modern day “May the road rise to meet you”, as such.

Photo Two

Sleeping E out on a walk. All wrapped up in his buggy, this was taken later in the year as evidenced by the bundling up warm from the winter cold. This is one of the few times we were outdoors AND the child kept his hat on. Up to this, it had been a solely indoor hat, and he would rip it off instead of letting it keep his head warm! We’d been doing a lot of walking earlier in the year which has tapered off with cold weather and my return to work, hopefully to improve in 2017.

Photo Three

My little poser looks out on his kingdom. This one is from our wander over to the cafe in Tesco during our trip to New Ross. I really love the jumper he’s wearing in this, perfectly Christmassy but suitable for the whole lot of winter – who doesn’t love a polar bear?

Photo Four

All Partied Out, Toddler Edition. This is hands down my favourite photo of the year. It’s a photo of the struggle of bedtime, when he’s just given in. Bottles everywhere, passed out peacefully. It looks like he’s had a bit too much party. I’ll be hanging on to this one for his teen and college years. It always makes me smile.

Photo Five

The Great Weight Loss. Earlier this year I decided I needed to lose weight. I joined Slimming World and in my first week lost nearly half a stone. This was my Instagram post documenting the loss of 6.5 lbs. Unfortunately, despite losing nearly 2 stone, I fell off the wagon after my return to work and have yet to jump right back on, but I resolve I will make changes to get back down again in January.

Instagram Best 9 BadMammy

Picture Six

Is This a Gingerbread Man I see Before Me. From the same trip to New Ross as the Poser picture above, I thought this one was really cute. Clearly he means business, and is a “eat the jelly babies head first” kind of boy.

Picture Seven

My Little Minion. A bit of a throwback, this photo is older than the rest. This is one of my favourite outfits of E’s over the last year. He looks just like a little Minion from Despicable me (Cheeky smile and all). He’s hard at work here on his keyboard, just like Mammy and Daddy (easiest way to keep him quiet EVER). I can see a big difference between his facial features here and those later in the year, properly growing up and losing his baby face.

Picture Eight

Looking out on the gorgeous views of Seattle. In September, I went on a week long holiday to Seattle. Himself was out there working the week before, so on my 25th birthday, I jumped on a plane to join him, sans toddler. Toddler stayed with his Nanny and my brothers, for a week which acted as an effective turn-off to having kids for the foreseeable future to my 20 year old baby brother. Toddlers are hard work! These were the gorgeous views from The Space Needle. I conquered my heights and saw the views on a gorgeous September day. It was a wonderful trip (despite both of us catching the lurgy) and one I can’t wait to take again.

Picture Nine

The How It Works Mum Book – This is a funny tidbit from one of the parody books which took off midway through the year. It seems that others found it to be as funny and notable as I did, as 50 people liked it. I was gifted a similar book on Mindfulness over Christmas which has similarly insightful notes, some of which I might share.


Want to create your own Instagram Best 9 image? Follow this link, then enter your Instagram ID (mine is BadMammyBlog) and click GET. Voila, memories in a compilation image, ready to share with everyone. I’d love to see others joining in with this – sharing their image and a few lines describing each one! If you’ve done your Instagram Best 9, leave a link in the comments! I’d love to set it up as a linky. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll do link backs to those involved!


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