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There are certain websites which should definitely have taken on the Netflix tactic of asking you every couple of hours if you’re really sure that you’re still watching. Youtube is definitely one of them. While yes, this is basically a tactic to guilt you into going outside into the sunshine instead of watching yet another episode of House of Cards or The Good Wife, it may be worthwhile, if at the detriment of stopping you from discovering the joys of the underside of the internet. I fell in this evening. My findings are a mixture of joy, fun and general “how did that get online?”.

My disclaimer for the first is that we’re having teeth brushing issues at the moment with the little man; he won’t let us near him with the toothbrush, it’s nigh on impossible to get the brush into his mouth and when we do, I’m terrified the neighbours will call child services going on his screams alone. I remembered vaguely from babysitting and general being around toddlers years ago a song from Bear in the Big Blue House about brushing teeth that supposedly made it fun, and hoped the internet would oblige, which it did. The song is now firmly stuck in my head. And didn’t work. I remain hopeful that one day it might (or else we need to find better tasting kiddy toothpaste. Do they make it in nice flavours?).

From there, we seemed to head into an Autoplay which brought us to the Sesame St version of the same life lesson. It seems that Elmo’s music tastes have gotten an update of late, this is a rather Katy-Perry-new-stuff style song – and has cameos from Bruno Mars, Nicole Kidman, Jay Sean and many other familiar faces. Again, I apologise if this joins the tooth brushing party in your head. It didn’t work to make it cooler in this house, to my eternal sadness.



Sesame Street is one of those shows that has been trying REALLY hard over the last few years to try keep content fresh and relevant, using guest stars who are actually really well known (anyone else remember that Katy Perry and Elmo Scandal? No? Just me?) – James Blunt sang about his Triangle, Andrea Bocelli sang “Time to Say Goodnight” to Elmo (one of my favourites) and other artists┬álike Ed Sheeran, Train, Goo Goo Dolls, Norah Jones and Bruno Mars have all duetted with Elmo or one of the other characters. Today was not my first foray with Sesame Street and it’s musical genius, but today was the day I found the One Direction video. Something tells me this form of promo may have been a good part of the reason they cracked America like they did…

As well as music-related videos, craft videos are also on my into-the-rabbit-hole list as far as Youtube is concerned. This would be perfectly fine if I had a single crafty bone in my body – all my creative juices got used up in a childhood of drama classes and some writing here and there, there was never any arts and crafts talent to be found. But these make it look so easy, I nearly want to go raid Vibes and Scribes and make it all. Perhaps when we’ve moved house and I’ve konmari’d my entire life I’ll have room for all the crafty bits that I find on the internet. This first one, Brooke of the fab channel Whats Up Moms, which I’ve mentioned on here before, makes a no-sew tutu, this one for any Elsa fans out there! I nearly want to make one for myself after watching it!

Speaking of the wonderful konmari-ing, this video from the same channel has made my soul very happy. And made me want to buy a hell of a lot of storage tubs and containers. And little chalkboard labels.

My final port in this internet wormhole was actually one from my Facebook feed earlier this week. I seriously resonated with this one, as someone absolutely terrified of liquid eyeliner because I ALWAYS mess it up. One day I will learn. Just not with the permanent marker that is Benefit’s They’re Real Liner. (Four times scrubbing, three layers of concealer and I still looked like I was hiding a black eye. Just no). This will likely make you laugh if you’re anything like me.


Have you come across any of these videos before? What does your Youtube wormhole tend to be? Let me know any suggestions to check out in the comments below, or leave a message on my Facebook or Twitter! Let me know if you liked this kind of post, or whether I should stick to tales of poo, baby groups and teething!



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