iPhones Don’t Swim

My poor baby iPhone is currently sheltering in a bag of rice, trying its best (hopefully) to dry out. It decided to not heed the instructions and attempted to start an Olympic Diving career today, into a toilet. Of all places. It really is one of the most icky icky things in the world, knowing that you have to go grab it super quick, even though it was clean (as clean as a toilet can be), it really is one of those things that just horrifies me.

Initially it all seemed to be okay. I wasn’t surprised, despite working in tech support and knowing that these things are not meant to go for a swim, and likely would stop working. This was my phone. It’s been bounced off floors, walls, gotten baby formula dripped on it, and survived a car accident where it hit the road. I doubted that a little bit of water would put a dent into its spirit.

I was wrong. First it started with telling me how loud the volume for my headphones were. When the headphones were on the kitchen table, far away from me. Then decided to sporadically keep asking me if I wanted to switch it off. I rejected its cries for sleep each time. It showed me that yes I could make calls but that I don’t have the luxury of hearing the other person, and yes I can text but only so long as I can see at all times how loud my non existent headphones are. Still though. We’re survivors here. Until the damn thing turned off and refused to turn back on.

It probably isn’t healthy how much I feel like I’ve lopped off a limb and left it soaking in a nappy bag filled with rice. ┬áLeaving the house for a coffee with friends and the little man earlier, and leaving it behind to dwell in its new wholegrain cell felt very strange, very cut off despite going to interact with people in the flesh. You’d swear I was in great demand with the need to be in constant contact with everyone, but its just what I’m used to now, I never leave the house without it. I’ve got my sim in a different phone now until tomorrow, but what am I going to do when it comes to taking the million billion pictures of cute things Little Man does over those few hours (ok, maybe I can cut back on that). This may be good for me. Or, you know, I’ll just supplement the amount of time I’d normally be messing around on my phone, on the laptop. Oh technology, thou art a cruel mistress.

Here’s hoping she dries out and is okey dokey, I really don’t want to use my upgrade until the new one comes out…