Keeping Upbeat; Things I’m Loving At The Moment

Mid-March is upon us, students are stressed, wallets are stretched after the Bank Holiday weekend and we’re all being told not to look straight at the sun (like that was ever a good idea to start with). Life is hectic, but some things do help to make it not only bearable, but a thing to smile about from time to time… 


Thank you gods of semi-Irish-summer, we seem to have a reprieve from this eternal Game-of-Thrones esque Winter! Since I’ve been spending most of my days out of the house, the fact that I don’t need a million rain jackets/covers/ice grips for my shoes does indeed make the packing-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink of wandering with a toddler a bit easier. It’s also iced coffee season, and everyone seems a lot more positive, which is always nice. Yay for playground days, outdoor lunches and coffee, and even potential for an afternoon in a beer garden.

Pretty Nails

Yet again, I have failed for another month at growing out my own nails – honestly, I’m trying, but I think I need to invest in something to strengthen them as they grow as it’s not going well. Any recommendations? In the mean time, my obsession with false nails has continued (my poor debit card). These ones; which I purchased in O Sullivans Pharmacy in Wilton Shopping centre, are another Elegant Touch purchase and are just wonderfully sparkly and definitely helped up my mood during a few rainy days!

IMG_3683 IMG_3684


St Patrick’s Day Parade

We headed along to the Cork City St Patrick’s Day parade on Tuesday, along with the crowds of others. After initially being informed that my spot from last year was no longer available, we managed to find a spot on Merchants Quay, by the end of the parade, where there was lots of room and we were able to see everything. Overall, it was a fantastically colourful display of community and the vibrant life of arts in the city – some slight timing issues were my only grumble, the pacing was a bit off with large gaps between parts of the parade, but the wait was worth it. My personal favourites were from Cork Community Art Link; who had their pieces under the theme “Cultural Mechanics”, especially the worship of the smartphone float, and the RedHead Convention in Crosshaven, who had brightly coloured balloons and such a lovely positive image, led by the King and Queen of the Redheads. E seemed to enjoy the different range of colours, but for sure his favourite part was the section with the guide dogs; he wanted to be down and gone with them, such was his enthusiasm. Overall, it was a really enjoyable afternoon, and the fish and chips from the food stall ended a really nice day.

The man himself, St Patrick.
The man himself, St Patrick.

IMG_3768 IMG_3778 IMG_3777 IMG_3756 IMG_3775

Looks like something from Transformers.
Looks like something from Transformers.
No Signal? Oh no!!
No Signal? Oh no!!




Book-wise, I’m still being very much so a fail with regard to the adult books – I’m just so tired by night time that I’m not able to make my brain power up to the challenge. I’m working on it though, so there will be a book post soon – promise. Children’s books have taken up more of this time for me at the moment, making the most of our library membership. There are some really lovely ones which I can see myself managing to read at least fifty times without hating them – which is a lot better than some earlier ones (cough, Marvin wants More). E seems to be getting into the looking at pictures and listening to the stories, which is great, because I’m definitely a big believer in making reading important from a young age as it’s the cheapest travel you can get, and the best education! Today’s pick was “The Smartest Giant in Town”, by Julia Donaldson (yes, she of the Gruffalo books and many more, she’s amazing), and illustrated by Axel Scheffler (lots of books where these two work together!).

Outside of the rhyming morally guiding beautifully illustrated stuff, I have of course been reading blogs – it’s easy to glance while waiting in a queue, or during precious, precious nap time – and this month there have been some crackers of posts.

My favourites so far have been Deb’s hilarious story about the giraffe which is now living in her house on her blog At The Clothes Line, a reply to THAT apology from Sinead at Bumbles of Rice (here), and this wonderful post as a follow up to her viral sensation where Kellie of My Little Babóg informed her daughter Kayla she was going to be a big sister again. Laughing, crying, laughing until I cried, getting mad; these had it all – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


We’ve been spending a bit more time around other babies (and thankfully other Mammies holding coffee, yay) this month, since I’m off at the moment, and I think its definitely benefitting E. He’s learning so much from them, particularly older children we’ve played with; not that that is always positive to my blood pressure; a 14 month old attempted to teach him to climb up steps the other day which I could do without, but it’s good to see him learning from others! There have been designated coffee mornings and meet ups with others who have babies, including a rather fun visit to a play area with a ball pit, which he loved. I’d put up a picture of the ecstatic expression on his face, but unfortunately he decided that Mama Paparazzi was not getting her way that day so every time the phone came near him, he glared. Message received.

Guest Blogging

As well as appearing in the February/March issue of Maternity & Infant magazine, I was also asked by the lovely people at to guest post for them with a St Patricks Day event guide in Cork, which you can see here.

What have you been enjoying this month so far?



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