Burning Questions Raised By Watching PreSchooler TV

It’s a sign your life must be going okay enough when you find yourself worrying about fictional characters. That, or you really need to get out and see other adults and talk about things that aren’t fictional animals and toilet related. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of Peppa Pig (I know, bad Mammy, but he’s been sick and whiny and the pink little brat keeps him quiet and makes him smile. Instead of whinge. So bite me.) and other such creatures. We’re slowly recovering from the great Netflix purge of Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam in one-fell-swoop (will nobody think of the parents??) and are finding our way into other shows, some marginally more educational, some a lot more eye-scratch-out-worthy. These shows have made me question some things though… has anybody else had these thoughts?

1. Why is poor George the only person in the entire village whose first name we know that doesn’t get alliteration? They had a lot of P’s to choose from.. and they gave Pedro to the Pony!

2. Why are they the only pigs in the village? Was this a mad Noah’s Ark type experiment? What happens when Peppa grows up and wants to meet a nice boy or girl pig to jump in muddy puddles with? Will they need to be imported?

3. If Daddy Pig is as silly as they all say he is, then why is it that Mammy Pig asks him to fix things like computers – before even trying to turn it off and turn it back on again?

4. When is SuperNanny dropping in to sort out Peppa?

5. Why has Daddy Pig not pulled Mummy Pig up on the clear bullying tactics about his weight?

6. What kind of drugged up state do the writers of Yo Gabba Gabba (and the costume designers) work in?

7. How desperate are the Yo Gabba Gabba guest star actors for work? You’re not in Mordor anymore, Elijah Wood…

8. How has nobody told Mickey Mouse to tone down the shouting for Toodles? Please?

9. How have the kids in Rugrats not been taken into care yet (both movies!)

10. Where the hell are Dora’s Parents? Why doesn’t she know her way home?

11. Why does Dora never accept the first answer? I’ve shouted it at you already; my answer isn’t changing!


Is it just me? Let me know in the comments what you’ve found most baffling – or if you have any of the answers to the above!


Continuing on this trend, I’ve also got some other burning questions after watching Paw Patrol, Disney Movies, PJ Masks and others – make sure to check them out if you’ve enjoyed this piece!

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  1. Where are Sarah’s parents in Sarah and Duck?! What’s the deal with ‘plate girl’? And why is it Flamingo and John, not John and Flamingo? I actually love Sarah and Duck because of it’s randomness, but there are lots of unanswered questions!

    1. I’ve yet to check out that one but it may just cause more questions than fulfilment! Flamingo and John is in alphabetical order maybe?

  2. Why would anyone ever live in Pontypandy? It’s really dangerous! And that Norman shouldn’t be allowed to leave his house!

    1. How he’s allowed live in that village and not a Young Offenders home is beyond me… that said, seriously well staffed fire station, good tax money at work in Pontypandy! I have almost a whole other post dedicated to just Bob and Sam in the pipeline, too many questions unanswered.

    1. Absolutely shouting, me too!

      And this is without even referencing Bob and Sam, there could be a book written!

  3. How does Miss Rabbit find the time to do so many jobs?

    What exactly is Iggle Piggle? Is he off his face and imagining the entire community?

    Why has nobody noticed that Makka Pakka is incredibly lonely with only a stone for a friend?

    Why is Norman Price such a little shit?

    Has PC Plum ever had a ride?

  4. Bing was the one that confused me.. Bings dad was so small compared to Bing who is huge for his toddler age. So then I wondered if Bing was adopted, or if Bing’s dad was just a weird man that followed Bing around!

  5. Bring back ‘Button Moon’ ‘The Wombles’ and ‘The Flumps’! I’m sure our parents were driven just as crazy though they didn’t have it all day long!! xx

  6. Peppa pig has a lot to answer for. I’m thankful thst my youngest isn’t as obsessed as the other two were. So hopefully my Peppa days are numbered.

  7. Why are some kids programmes so strange?! Take a look at Mya the Bee, she has a friend called Willy…….there are some very iffy lines in that one.

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