Our Trip To Lake Hotel Killarney, Paradise Where The Sun Shone

At 12 weeks old, we deemed Eliott old enough to go spend some bonding time with his grandparents in Wexford without us. They raised three kids and got them all through secondary school, as of last week, so it felt okay trusting them with a baby who stays put when you put him down and generally quietens his screams if given a bottle. All grandparents have offered the break, so we jumped at the chance and off we went to Killarney, Co.Kerry. It was a long promised trip that we’d kinda put on the long finger when we were busy being pregnant and sleep deprived.

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So Friday, Eliott got into the car with grandad and his uncles, roaring, inciting all of the mammy guilt (supposedly fell asleep leaving the car park but that didn’t appease my mind). I ran into town to do some last minute shopping, even into shops with no lift (shock!). New flip flops and some Penneys bargains later, and with himself getting out of work on time, off we headed on the train to Killarney.The first night wasn’t fantastic by hotel standards, it seemed that the one we’d chosen had decided they were going to be a rip off and laugh at us for pointing it out. However we got our glad rags on, went out for drinks and pizza, and they provided a bed to sleep in. Enough said.

The gorgeous hotel room at The Lake Hotel in Killarney

On Saturday, we entered Paradise. We went straight from checkout of Hotel 1 to The Lake Hotel. We were brought to a gorgeous ground floor room looking over the Killarney Lakes, with a patio leading out to them. Said room also contained a jacuzzi bath, which had magical healing powers for over tiredness and stress. After a suitable amount of mooning over how amazing the place was, and how beautiful, we decided to make the most of this incredible weather we’re experiencing on a stay cation.

We rented bikes from a place across the road from the hotel to cycle around the Killarney National Park. Knowing I’d not cycled properly in about two and a half years, the first five minutes was like watching Bambi learn to walk. This included a rather mortified need to move to the smaller bike because the adult ladies bike I’d been handed may as well have been a Penny Farthing. After we got into the swing of it though, it was bliss. I’d sheer forgotten the joy of cycling along, wind against me, the feeling of freedom and fresh air and just being at one with the world and all that. That joy continued for what the Moves app advised us was 20k, incorporating the gorgeous views of Torc Waterfall, Muckross House, and over those stunning lakes. Needless to say, I’m sore today, but oh it was so worth it.

The day continued as amazing as that, dinner on our patio with wine (yay for first proper drinking in nearly a year!), and just general relaxing. No worrying about whether Eliott would wake up and cry, or having to fix bottles – there was even uninterrupted sleep! Woke up this morning only mildly feeling the wine from last night, to find a deer sitting in direct view of our patio, just staring ahead peacefully.

I felt a little sad coming back to Cork today after such blissful few days in Killarney. Worried that back into the grind of things that knot in my shoulders of worry and panic would make its way back in straight away. But Eliott seems happy and contented after his little holiday away from us and gave some massive smiles this evening, so I’m happy to be back. That said, I’ll definitely be back to Killarney and The Lake Hotel in particular, for a return to Paradise on a temporary basis.


This was not a sponsored review, nor was I asked by The Lake Hotel to write about my experience there. I merely found it to be such an incredible experience that I couldn’t not share. All opinions are my own.


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  1. There is NOTHING in the world to compare to the first full night’s sleep after you become a Mammy. Sounds like ye really made the most of your few days off. Time to plan the next one!

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