Laminating Baby Scans – What You Should Know Beforehand, and Alternative Ways To Display Your Ultrasounds

We all have little memory trinkets that we want to keep. Some people keep baby books, others keep shoeboxes full of memories. In the modern era, there are entire apps and computer programmes dedicated to a technological way of keeping your precious memories safe. Sometimes however, old school is the best way. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that theres a book, an album, to rifle through for the nostalgia. As parents, we want to keep the memories safe. We make sure that our children (and theirs) will be able to look back and see their childhood. What is the best way to preserve these memories?

What You Should Know Before Laminating Baby Scans

If you’re looking at putting them into an album, you’ll want to make sure the quality doesn’t disintegrate. With certain photos, you might find laminating them a good plan, as it keeps the quality as is.

However. If you’re planning on laminating baby scans, STOP.  

The heat from the laminator will destroy the image, as it will cause it to disappear. It’s best to keep ultrasound pictures out of heat of any sort, to preserve it for as long as possible. Save yourself the tears and disappointment and avoid laminating baby scans.

Instead of putting the original through a laminator to ensure the quality stays good, a better idea is to scan a copy onto your computer. As it will then be photo quality, you can then laminate the scanned copy and add to your baby book, preserving the original in a cool dry area. This means you still get to display to everyone you want to show that baby book to, but ensure the original is good as new.

Are you looking for some more unique ideas for what to do with those scanned copies now that you’ve got them? Here are five of the best I’ve found online.

Baby Photo Shoot

If your little one is still quite small, it could make for a rather gorgeous shot for them to hold their sonogram in their hand (especially sleeping). Probably better to not let them be at the toddler stage for the safety of the image! Check out some ideas here and here.


Clip Frame with Chronology of Pregnancy

I love these frames that I’ve been seeing everywhere for the last year, little clothesline style hanging of photos. Having spotted gorgeous displays of “the story of my baby from bump to birth”, these clip frames showing the chronology of pregnancy really appeal to me as an idea.

Christmas Baubles for Memories – specific years

We’ve got a special “Eliott’s first Christmas” decoration which hangs on the tree each year. For a decoration with a personal twist, fill baubles with personal belongings like baby hospital bracelets, or copies of the ultrasound. Check out how it’s done here.

Sonogram Bracelet

If you want a more always-on-you option, this sonogram bracelet is a really lovely idea. There are lots of options available on Etsy, with options like charm bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks. Great gift ideas for new parents (Father’s Day is just around the corner).

Shadow Box With Name

My personal favourite is the shadow box frame which can be a really nice homemade art project. Once you’ve scanned the ultrasound, add it to the frame, and add some scrabble letters (available in most arts & crafts stores) for a really simple but beautiful personal decoration.

Those are just five ideas for what to do with your ultrasound pictures instead of laminating baby scans. Just make sure that the originals are kept safe!


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Laminating Baby Scans Laminating Baby Scans

what you need to know before laminating your ultrasound pictures - 5 ways to preserve your pregnancy scan pictures - what you need to know before laminating your ultrasound pictures - 5 ways to preserve your pregnancy scan pictures -

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