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I’m always a fan of a good list post. I saw that Kate Takes 5 has revived her old blog linky, Listography, for a once off in celebration of her 6th Blogaversary, and thought “Yeah, that I can get my teeth into”. It’s somewhat of a love letter to the blog, this one, a list of my favourite posts. I’ve been writing this blog for two and 3/4 years, it’s gone through various face changes, a name change, the birth of a child. It’s documented ups and downs and really shitty days and days where I’ve punched the air in pure joy, and lots of moments begging for more coffee (in an IV) in between.

My blog is still very small fry in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been very lucky to get to work with some fantastic companies and bloggers, I’ve gotten to meet so many people and gotten to do some very exciting things that never would have happened otherwise. This blog started as a rant at being housebound and pregnant, much like many older abandoned blogs before it. This one thankfully has stuck and allowed me to share my rantings on toddler tantrums, sleep deprivation, mental health and the general clusterfuck that can be current affairs.

Listography My Favourite Posts -

So, five favourite posts. Go.

Parenting With Chronic Pain 


This is a piece that was quite personal for me to write. Living with chronic pain during the entirety of my life as a parent has certainly coloured the experience differently. In this post I was venting and sharing what the true experience is – something I hadn’t really spoken about before because with things like chronic pain, invisible illnesses, it can be difficult to make others understand exactly what it’s like. Unfortunately not much has changed in the chronic pain situation but it’s all about learning to manage it and making sure my son knows I love him no matter what, that’s all that matters. People have contacted me after reading it saying they cried reading because it was exactly what was happening to them – hopefully by reading these kinds of things, people will realise they’re not alone in their struggle, that others are in the same boat. I know I certainly find some comfort from that.

Paw Patrol, We Need To Talk


Paw Patrol. The boy is obsessed. I can pretty much say the entire scripts of episodes by heart, and am eternally singing along to the Pup Pup Boogie, while in work. Around other adults. It’s embarrassing. It’s his thing and I’m sure he’ll grow out of it, just the same as Peppa was his thing and now it isn’t. In the mean time, I’ve a few questions to ask the creators (and I’ve accumulated a few more since then – perhaps due an updated post!). If you’ve got a fan in the house, you’ll get it.

PostNatal, You Bitch


Another serious post here, though getting to call the illness which is messing with your head a bitch feels good, especially in print. This piece was printed in the Blog We Log section of Easy Parenting magazine, which was amazing. I write a fair bit about my own journey with mental health and this post was a big part of me saying “No, fuck that, you are NOT getting to ruin my life”.

What My Almost Two Year Old Wants


Life with a toddler is taxing. Life as a toddler is clearly filled with needs that are never ever filled. Like a supply of constant bananas. And episodes of Paw Patrol. Ever changing wants. Here’s just a sample (repeat ad infinitum almost 8 months later).

Don’t Let People With Mental Illness Near Children


Finally, a piece which was inspired by comments made on a radio chat show after a tragedy where a mother and her children were murdered by her husband, their father before he killed himself. It was clear that mental illness played a large contributory role in this. The man in question was a schoolteacher, and this sparked conversation which included the line “Don’t let people with Mental Illness Near Children”. As someone who speaks out about her own mental illness, and knows the importance of talking about it and owning it instead of hiding it away, this angered me to no end. A bit of a discussion piece on how our society views mental illness. It also sparked more of the focus of my Mental Health Monday’s series, where parents speak about their mental illness experiences, something which can be quite difficult to speak about when framed around being around children.

Those are just five of my favourite posts that stand out for me over the last while, posts which have gotten a good response and felt like I was properly having a conversation with people who read them. Hopefully if you’ve not read them before (or have just had a re-read) those conversations will get to continue anew. Three are on quite serious topics (and then there’s Paw Patrol, problem of our time) which aren’t going away so I encourage any and all opinions in the comments! I’d love to hear what your favourite posts are too and am looking forward to seeing the other entries to Kate’s linky!


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  1. I love the Paw Patrol post, I remember reading that post before and it really made me chuckle. Your post about mental health and children is a really interesting read too. A great selection of posts.

  2. Thanks so much for joining in. I love that you stayed the distance and love even more that you have become such a great spokesperson for mental health. (And who doesn’t love paw patrol? ;))

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