It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these – lots has been going on, and without my MacBook handy and ready to go I’ve found it more difficult to get blogging stuff done – much as I love my iPad, it just isn’t the same to work from! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get sorted out with a replacement but in the meantime, I’ll soldier on with this Bluetooth keyboard! February was a bit of a mad month – we had a very unwell toddler for a few weeks of it, which made life a little bit more difficult and also meant I wound up not doing a few things I’d planned to do. Thankfully he’s on the mend now, so we can get back to normal!

So, what have we been up to and loving lately? Here are my February Little Loves! 


As far as reading went in February, I’m still on the non-fiction train for the moment, slightly less depressing things this month though. Andrea Hayes’ “Pain Free Life: My journey to Wellness” was released at the start of February and after hearing her slot on Moncrieff on Newstalk, I felt that this was definitely something I needed to read. Having suffered with chronic pain for two years, Andrea’s story had me nodding along and realising that it’s a far more common issue than I realised. She goes through her pain management journey which is definitely giving me food for thought regarding my own journey and is inspiring discussions with the healthcare professionals I’m dealing with as to different approaches to make sure I can be and feel better. Absolutely recommend to anyone who either suffers or lives with someone who does as it’s an honest account of life with chronic pain and the ups and downs of dealing with it.

The fabulous Marian Keyes also had a release at the start of February which I was really thrilled to see – her third non fiction book, filled with articles and pieces of observation about life is a funny read that it’s easy to dip in and out of, perfect for days snuggled up under a blanket with a big cup of tea (and a few hob nobs). “Making It Up As I Go Along” is definitely a feel good read – if you follow Marian on Twitter, it’s more of the same fun personality shining through!


So much Paw Patrol. Little man’s ear infection lasted two weeks, and in his misery his precious Paw Patrol was the only thing that would bring him out of it. So we’ve had a lot of time spent with Ryder and his team of pups (and yes, the theme tune is running through my head writing this).

Aside from kids tv, I’ve been glued to How To Get Away With Murder which is edging closer and closer to the Season 2 finale, and is definitely retaining the element of leaving you dying for more after every episode. The same applies for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, which even after 17 seasons is still just bringing must-watch episodes. Between the two of these, I’m half tempted to go back to college and study law; just need to figure out how to juggle that and the toddler first! I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into House of Cards, as season 4 has just been put up on Netflix too!


Inspired by the many videos of “things to do with binder clips”, and my lack of a stand for my iPad, I supervised himself making a stand for my iPad out of binder clips – it works really well, and is so, so simple. (Note: I didn’t make any of it, hand eye co-ordination is not my thing).


Not exactly a clothes-type post, but I finally got to try out my Babyliss Curl Secret for a night out celebrating my grandmother’s birthday at the start of the month. I’m really happy with how simple it is to use – even for me, who has never been particularly good at styling or makeup (I guess I was hiding behind the door when those skills got handed out!). This thing is foolproof and so quick! So, yay for wearing curly hair more often! (Let’s just ignore the permanent rain through February rendering them useless)

On the other hand, E was totally rocking the cute outfits this month. My favourite is definitely from the same night at the start of February, he was all dressed up for the special occasion in his shirt, trousers and suspenders combo.


In order to tune out the “Pup Pup Boogie”, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately! I’ve been loving the “Afterbuzz TV” podcasts discussing my favourite TV Shows (SVU and How To Get Away With Murder) which really does get me thinking about bits I might have missed.

I also found the interview with Andrea Hayes on Moncrieff really great and it resonated a lot with me – you can listen to it here.

Technically the Craic episode of The Women’s Podcast aired on the 30th of January, but I listened to it during February so it’s getting thrown in here too. If you’ve not yet discovered The Women’s Podcast you are definitely missing out; and this episode is a great way to start. Cracked myself laughing at Deirdre O Kane’s monologue about being a stay at home mammy because of how real and true it was. Joanne McNally’s slot where she discusses life as a woman in her 30’s is brilliant and has been my first introduction to her comedy. Ireland has some very funny ladies out to tell their tales and share some laughs, and this episode showcases just a few.

Last weekend was all about listening to coverage of election counting – discussions of who would make up the government which will take control of the country for the next few years. It’s a rather chaotic situation at the moment – for such a boring election campaign period, it’s leaving us with a lot up in the air. Hopefully the new government will bring change for the better in our little country.

And Lastly…

While we did have to spend a lot more afternoons on the sofa under a blanket this February, thanks to the ear infection virus that just kept giving, we did manage to get out and about during the month too. From discovering just how lovely our local farmers market is, to wanders around the (now thankfully reclaimed from the flood waters) playground in Fitzgerald Park, to the fab Coffee Mornings For Mums in Douglas Court Shopping Centre – we didn’t let the crappy weather get us down, and made the most of the sun when it did eventually arrive!


What have you been up to lately? I’d love some recommendations for things to watch or new podcasts to listen to, if you’ve got any, let me know in the comments please!


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  1. I’m really loving your book picks this month! I haven’t read either of them yet, but keep seeing them in the shop and I do like the look of them. Was nice to read that you really enjoyed them x

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