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It’s Friday. This week hasn’t been like a normal week. I’ve been off work again with my back since the start of the month. It’s meant mid-day naps and discovering that folding clothes is a task that causes pain. To add to the fun, we’ve all got that super fun cough-cold thing going on. I’m praying it doesn’t turn full chest infection. However, I’ve got a coffee, it’s Friday, and it’s time to look at the positives of the week. Linking up again with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat‘s linky “LittleLoves”, so here goes. Here is what this Bad Mammy has been loving this week.

Much as I’ve tried, I’ve not gotten much book-reading in of late. Not that my Amazon account can tell, I MAY have gone a little mad in their recent Kindle books sale. I’ve got one hell of a To-Be-Read list ahead of me. I’ve heard great things about “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” and “All The Light We Cannot See”. Both of these are lying in my library waiting to be read!
Blog wise, I’ve gotten a bit more reading done. This post from Mini & Mum from a few weeks back, all about the termination rate for Down Syndrome really got me thinking. It’s from the point of view of a pro-choice mother of a little girl with Down Syndrome, and it really is showing another side to the debate.
I’ve been feeling rather inspired by Suzy from The Airing Cupboard and her quest to homeschool – so this post, confirming that they’re going for it, was definitely a lovely read yesterday!
January was a month of hibernating. February, since I’ve been out of work, has been much the same. I’ve been engrossed in the new episodes of How To Get Away With Murder and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. We’ve also been absolutely loving a re-watch (well, for me, Himself hasn’t watched before) of American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson now that it’s on Netflix. Given the climate in the US, in particular the #BlackLivesMatter protests and campaigns, it seems all too much like something that could happen again in similar circumstances. It’s fascinating. Sarah Paulson KILLS it as Marcia Clark, and if nothing else, you need to witness John Travolta’s Robert Shapiro for the eyebrows alone. David Schwimmer gets kudos for finally managing to NOT be Ross Gellar, he totally embodies Robert Kardashian.

I did also really enjoy the two part BBC drama “The Moorside“, based on the true story of the abduction of Shannon Matthews in 2008. Sheridan Smith plays an absolute blinder as Julie Bushby, as does Gemma Whelan who plays Shannon’s mother, Karen Matthews. (You may recognise her from Game of Thrones). BBC does drama really, really well and this is definitely an example of that.

Aside from a pasta bolognaise which was devoured by all (the toddler, the one who eats like a sparrow at home but can’t be relied on to eat dinner anywhere bar creche had SECONDS!), it’s not been a particularly make-y time. There are plans in my head for a few bits which I’m sure I’ll document on here. For the moment, making progress on the pile of ever lasting laundry seems like Everest!
As always, big podcast listener and lover of audiobooks. However, lately I’ve not had much time to listen.  I’ve yet to figure out linking up my car and my phone for podcasts and my only real down time is in the car on my commute. However, this radio interview made me laugh out loud in the car on a very rainy Thursday earlier in the month. This is all the funnier when you consider it being broadcast at 4.30 in the afternoon on National Radio. Prepare for a couple of minutes of hilarious awkwardness. This may win a place in my LittleLoves of all time.

 A whole tonne of layers, its frickin cold! I’ve also been loving these jeans from Tesco’s F&F range, their Frayed Hem High Rise Skinny Jean. Not only are they extremely affordable (yay for sales) but also super comfy and flattering. I’ve got them in grey and purple, both are being lived in.
Tesco Skinny High Waist Jeans - Little Loves - BadMammy.com
 It’s been a bit of a tumultuous time of late. The Boy Child has hit the Terrible Twos almost Threenager phase with a passion. He’s desperately independent “No I DO IT MYSELF” is a common scream. That is, unless its something we actually want him to do. It becomes frustrating, starts to feel like Groundhog Day, and when I’m suffering with pain flares it doesn’t do much for the mood. BUT then there are the sparkly Valentines cards and the “I Wove You Mummy” (very occasional) and the “Just one more ‘ug” requests and all is forgiven. Yes I’m a pile of mush who can be manipulated by my toddler. He’s given me a lot to think about of late, and there’s a lot to be considered over the next weeks and months.

Also, speaking of Valentines Day, a gorgeous (short, because I’m not physically able) walk down by Blackrock Castle, followed by the incredible decision to grab coffee and dessert in the Castle Cafe was a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday. There may not have been any #theboydidgood, but he definitely did, and does regardless of what day Hallmark tells him he should. Right, that’s enough mush for one day.

How has your week been? Got any book recommendations or watching recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re taking part in the LittleLoves linky let me know and I’ll be sure to check yours out!
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    1. I thought it was brilliant, great to see her outside of comedic roles which I’d known her for before – brilliant range!

  1. I’ve still not watched The Moorside, it looks brilliant though. I didn’t realise it’s the same actress as Yara Greyjoy, she looks so different! I may have taken advantage of all the kindle sales, my to read list is as long as my arm now. I love Tesco skinny jeans, I’ve got a few pairs and they’re so comfy! Those desserts look delicious, after being on a diet for 2 weeks I’m practically licking the screen! Have a good weekend!

  2. Loving the coffee shots yummy! My favorite kind of drink. Those grey pants are perfect. I live in grey skinnies all the time. I have been watching how to get away with murder too. I am a few episodes behind but it’s addictive on a need to know what crazy stuff happens next type show. lol #littleloves

  3. Oh gosh, I remember the ‘I do it myself’ stage so well! Love that they become more independent but everything takes a million times longer doesn’t it?
    I was gutted when I missed The People vs OJ Simpson when it was on TV so I’m so pleased it’s now on Netflix. I think I’ll be starting it tonight when the kids are in bed xx

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