Loves of The Week

I fear I’ve been a bit of a bust on both the writing and diet front for November – I got hit by a rather diabolical bout of writers block over the last week, and responded to it by opening the biscuits. I blame the cold weather! And lack of motivation, and the fact that the shortcake biscuits go so well with my tea… That and the broken Macbook which makes this post necessary to come from my phone…

To remove the concentration from my complete fail of a week, I guess I should focus on the good, things that have gone on that I’ve found brilliant, and fun and all things wonderful. So here is my long-neglected Loves of the Week!

Trip to Dublin

I managed to escape for a whole day on Saturday, to the big smoke (because you know, Cork isn’t a proper city apparently). I met up with many members of the Irish Parenting Bloggers which I’d really been looking forward to. There was wine, and much chats, and a fervent feeling of needing to do it all again soon (perhaps minus the lashing rain, and the running for a bus which had inexplicably changed location of the stop meaning my running was all in vain). Suzy assured me of just how much from the country I really am, when I suggested meeting outside Bewleys (I needed a landmark that was indoors and served coffee). My second suggestion of Starbucks was scuppered by the fact that they’ve decided Starbucks and pretty shoes in BT2 aren’t a good combination and replaced it with a place that sells “Happy Meals” that contain kale. Kale of all things. Also their crisps were made of the stuff too. I sense an obsession. No Toffee Nut Latte while mooning over the pretty boots that I can’t afford for Lisa. Oh well!

I also got in some well-needed me time on the bus with a book, which felt like a treat all in itself. And most importantly, a photo (minus me in it) with most of the other bloggers who were there – evidence that we came, we saw, we chatted! It was definitely brilliant to get to meet these people whose lives I get a window into and have done for so long, and definitely feeling the urge to do it again soon, potenitally with more wine and dancing! Make it happen!


Christmas Coffees

Speaking of Toffee Nut Lattes, it is officially my favourite coffee time of the year. Starbucks has got Eggnog lattes and my long-lived favourite Toffee Nut latte, and Costa has Sticky Toffee Lattes. Yum! All available with skinny milk and no cream if I feel like being good as well, and are just as nice!


New Skills

At seven and a half months old, E has two teeth, is now most comfortable sleeping on his stomach and has started sitting up by himself which is pretty awesome. Crawling is going less swimmingly, he can go backwards and rotate but gets very frustrated that he can’t go forward. We’ll get there though!


What’s been making you happy this week?


  1. It was SO great to meet you up in the big smoke. And I TOTALLY owe you a few drinks! The wine is on me next time! November has been hitting hard here too with illnesses and accidents and all kinds of not fun stuff. Is it really sad to admit that finding all of the ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ books in stock in the library is making me happy today? They’re for my girls, I swear!!!

    P.S. Your little boy is gorgeous

  2. Thanks for not mentioning me drenching that shoestand in BT2 with scalding hot hipster coffee. And Cork is totally the country. As is asking for directions to Grafton St (ahem?!). E is such a little dote, I want to pinch his cheeks – I’ll have to hide this picture from my uterus.

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