What She Wants For Christmas: Mammy Blogger Edition

The internet is filled with gift guides. Nine days before the big day, you might still be stuck on what the lady in your life is REALLY wanting. If she’s a mother, the likely answer is “Sleep, please”, but since Santa can’t provide a sleeping child, retail may help. I am personally the worlds worst at telling exactly what I want – a source of frustration for himself and anyone else. For the last few years, we’ve used Amazon Wishlists for Christmas, which completely takes any surprise element out BUT does ensure that we get what we want. Chatting to some Mammy Blogger friends, we’ve come up with some suggestions if you’re still gift hunting!

What she wants for Christmas Mammy Blogger Edition - BadMammy.com


Kellie from My Little Babog is the very definition of a busy mother. She’s got three kids under the age of three, and a big kid to boot, and going on how much she’s got going on, I can only assume she NEVER sleeps. Not only is she an award winning blogger, she’s also a very driven entrepreneur and if 2016 is anything to go by, she’ll be taking over the world by the time her babies hit primary school. So, what does this fab lady want for Christmas?

“I’m not an easy to shop for kind of girl. I don’t wear jewellery of any sort. I’m very particular about my clothing. I don’t do make-up. I do like Lush and The Body Shop but I never let anything run out to really need anything in fairness. This year I’m getting Nespresso off Santa. In fact Mrs. claus bought it on Black Friday and has used it 4 times without Santa knowing. Bold Mrs. Claus.”

Alright, with those constraints in mind, here’s what’s on Kellie’s wishlist this Christmas:

Unicorn poop – just cause!

And a *coughs* unicorn onesie.

A few large bottles of Snow Fairy shower gel. Just cause. Just cause. In fact if there’s a barrel going I’ll have that. This little Snow Fairy gift box would do though.

Oh and a light box. I’ve wanted one of those for forever.

And last but not least a Mr.Frosty. This poor guy has been on my wishlists for as long as I can remember. I’m still waiting…”

Kellies Wishlist - What She Wants For Christmas Mammy Blogger Edition - BadMammy.com


Karen from Beating Myself Into A Dress is another busy lady with a few things down on her Santa list. Her little man has started preschool this year so it’s been a hectic adjustment to school runs and the ever-present school-itis (I know her pain too well!). She’s also a survivor of Potty Training this year, a battle I’ve started baby steps towards and am dreading it in full blown mayhem. She could do with a little pampering, so here’s hoping Santa is a BadMammy reader. So what does Karen want?

“First up Dior Skin Rosy Glow (Healthy Glow Booster Blush). I’ve been lusting after this for a few weeks ever since I bought a new Dior foundation and the make up lady at the counter did a quick makeover on me and used this blush. She hid the colour of the blush from me at first as it’s really vibrant and she thought I’d be afraid of it (and she would have been right) but on the skin it’s the most delicate natural glow. It’s expensive for a blusher though, so I didn’t buy it at the time, but maybe Santy might be feeling generous this year.

2. The new Jack Reacher novel, ‘Night School’. I’m a huge fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and have read all the books in the series and can’t wait for this one. Jack is my all time favourite hero, I’d eat him with a spoon. I feel I should note however that I will never, as long as I live, accept Tom Cruise as the movie version of Reacher. It’s sick and wrong and that’s my last word on the matter.

3. This lovely cosy oversized star jumper from New Look. Perfect for the frosty festive season! ”

Karen's Wishlist - What She Wants For Christmas Mammy Blogger Edition - BadMammy.com


Deborah from The Clothesline has her hands full this Christmas with four kiddies in the house – Santa will certainly be busy! As the sack will be fairly crammed coming down the chimney in their house, she’s only got one teeny request. Hopefully this hilarious lady will be happy with her haul Christmas morning!

“I would like gold superstars for Christmas because even mother’s of four who are freefalling towards 40 need to unleash their inner Kanye every now and then.”

 What She Wants For Christmas Mammy Blogger Edition - BadMammy.com


Suzy from The Airing Cupboard is looking for a full nights sleep, but is willing to negotiate (sort of. Come on Charlie, just one night!). Sleep aside, she’s got a few things in mind.

“I have my eye (and my husband’s wallet) aimed on a customisable shelf system for our kitchen. It’s beautiful, built to spec in Finnish plywood. You get a choice of three colours, though as far as I’m concerned the only colour that exists is grey.

I have a necklace that I wear constantly, which consists of two circles entwined on a chain. I’ve always told my daughter, who was born just before I received it for my 30th birthday, that she’s the little one and I’m the big one. Since having my second child I’d love get him in on the action and this necklace by Chupi would do the job perfectly.”


And me? I’m the worlds worst for giving present suggestions, but after having to splash out €180 to get my car key replaced (and then finding it two weeks later), I’m thinking that a Tile is definitely top of the list – a bluetooth GPS tracker for my keys! Might be the boring option but it’s sure to save me an absolute fortune. It’ll also stop the panic of losing EVERYTHING and save me from early heart attack. For other suggestions, you can’t go wrong with feeding my Kindle and Audible habits….

So, hopefully that will have helped some of you who might be looking for ideas. These Mammy Bloggers have shared what they’re hoping for and added to my mental list. Let me know what you’re looking for in the comments, I’d love to see what others are lusting after!


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