Midweek Little Loves : OJ, Blue Jeans and a Lot of Laughter

So, here we are again, mid-week, trying to get to the weekend in one piece. That is until we remember that we’re parents now, so the weekend really isn’t a chance to relax, more to manage the chaos around us in a slightly more relaxed setting. In order to get over the midweek hump, I’m putting together a look at what I’ve been loving lately to boost some positivity around here. I’ve used the format of My Little Loves from CoffeeWorkSleepRepeat a few times and it’s worked quite well, so time to join in that bandwagon again and add to the fun!

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So, what’s been going on lately?


Unfortunately not much lately bookwise – I picked up a copy of The Girls by Lisa Jewell in a charity shop last week which I’ve been looking forward to getting stuck into, so that’s next on my list, but it’s been quite busy here between Easter, solo parenting while D was away with work and the eternal emotional rollercoaster that is living with a two year old.

Blogwise I’ve done better with, I’ve laughed and nodded along vehemently to this piece by the wonderful The Clothesline – definitely the one about the fork, we’re eternally living that travesty. I’ve related to the plight of Confessions of an Irish Mammy, who just wants her kids to contract chicken pox once and for all to get it over with – it’s not that unreasonable a request, she’s their mother who loves them! As for the chaos of having three kiddies with one on the way? Kellie from My Little Babog sums it up perfectly.


I’ve fallen into the wormhole that is American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson. I don’t remember the case actually happening (I was only 3 in 1994) but have come across details over the years. It’s intriguing and draws you in until the very last minute – exactly what I’m looking for in a series – even if it is just ten parts. I’m a fan of Ryan Murphy’s work since Glee, so I had high hopes for this, and they were duly met. John Travolta has quite the physical transformation into Ron Shapiro (those eyebrows!) and David Schwimmer seems to shake off Ross Gellar, finally, as Robert Kardashian, whose speech about fame to his children definitely stands out in the earlier episodes. I’ve not yet finished it but Sarah Paulson is earning all of her awards fodder for her portrayal of prosecution attorney Marcia Clark. From reviews I’ve read, it seems I’m not the only one who loves it this much.


I’ve also lost my Frozen virginity during the week, complete with singing along with Let It Go at appropriate moments. Absolutely love the humour in it, in particular Kristoff’s character. Reminded me a lot of Flynn Rider from Tangled, another Disney movie I adored.


Marie Kondo featured on a recent The Women’s Podcast, I highly recommend checking it (and the rest of the series, tbh) out. It will spark all of the joy and make you want to throw out all of your belongings. Work in progress…

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Also, one of my favourite Irish Youtubers, Bry (who also features in the very endearing Bry and Candice channel with his lovely wife), has released the first single from his first album under management, and I’ve been loving it. Check out the video:


This week I made the big step of joining Slimming World, inspired by numerous people around me but especially by this post from Tracey at Love of Living blog about overcoming her comfort eating habits – something I am absolutely lethal for doing and know it is the undoing of me. So I’ve been trying new things like carbonara from scratch and different pasta salad variations with tonnes of veggies, and some old diet friends like my Diet Coke Chicken (with added hidden veggies this time). It’s been tough not turning to the chocolate in particular on days where pain has been more forthcoming but the end result will be worth it… watch this space.


This one is quite boring as always apart from a few minor details – new comfy jeans have been purchased (that process was certainly not part of the monthly loves for sure – always traumatic), and pretty new false nails have been gracing my hands for the last few days.

The jeans are Tesco’s F&F range stretch super skinny jeans – I love them because while they fit snugly, I don’t have to pour myself into them thanks to the extra bit of stretchy room. Nothing to the stretch of maternity jeans, don’t get me wrong, but these are super comfy.

As for the nails, it’s been a while since I’ve decided to give myself the five minute manicure – no particular reason apart from a mixture of forgetfulness and not being bothered. However, this set from Elegant Touch in “Hey Grey” caught my eye a few weeks back and has been staring at me from my bedside locker since then – until now. They’re cute, a mix and match design of plain grey and grey embossed with gold nails. They came with adhesive strips but as always I’ve used nail glue to be sure they stay on for as long as I want them to (let’s just ignore the two nails which have already had to be stuck back on…)


And Lastly..

We’ve managed to get some breaks of sunshine in between the flood deluges – seriously, our old apartment complex was photographed the other day with massive floods outside it, the following day I walked 15km in glorious sunshine, basking in early Summer. Irish weather at it’s finest, never sure what it’s meant to be doing. But sunshine, let’s keep hoping for more of that, the Irish Summer loves and needs you.

So that’s what we’ve been up to – how about you? Let me know in the comments below what have been your top loves lately – books, shows or just plain random happenings, I’d love to hear about them!


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