Another Week, another happy story.

This week has been one of those where I keep telling myself I should sit down and write, but each time I do it, E starts screaming. We are well and truly teething but not a sign of any white dots yet – not sure how much more of this can be taken without seeing progress. The poor little mite has taken to giving Sophie la Girafe hugs while he gnaws on his fists, bubbling at the mouth, dribble bib an eternal fixture.

He’s also decided his minor adventure into independence, i.e. being able to play on his mat for four minutes on his own while Mammy got stuff done, was enough for him, and now he’s back to needing to sleep on me and nowhere else during the day, barring his buggy if we’re trekking about the city. He’s gotten into a routine too – 2am and 5am, wakes screaming the place down and passes out after inhaling a five ounce bottle. This is not a routine I’m a fan of.

However, I did say I’d attempt to stick to positivity and so, here comes the happy stuff of the week!

Weight Watchers

Down another 2 lb, so got my “silver seven” – half a stone in two weeks! Am majorly chuffed, but think I’ve fallen off the wagon this week due to E being like the umbilical cord never been severed… not badly, but wow, I am craving a twix!

Next Sale

I became one of those crazies I had always deemed absolutely mental, and rocked up to Next on Opera Lane at 5.30am last Saturday morning. It was great, baby-free time, even though it was absolutely manic. I did get a bit of Penney’s syndrome though – “Ah its just six euro/nine euro” and throwing everything in the basket only to get to the till and cringe as the bank card got charged. However, little man now has an absolutely divine wardrobe which will do him for the next few months, and I got amazing jeans in a size smaller than I was 3 weeks ago, which makes all the difference. Yay!

New Skills

E rolled over for the first time the other day, and started to giggle – absolutely gorgeous sound. As much as these teeth and this leap are making him an absolute monster that at time s I’m tempted to advertise on Done Deal, he’s learning so much and getting so big! No longer my baby at all, he’s turning into a little dude! The PHN checked him over earlier and she’s really happy with his progress too, so one less worry!

Laya City Spectacular

This was on in Cork last weekend, and Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, so we headed over to Fitzgerald Park armed with the buggy and some coffees to see what all the fuss was about. I love street theatre and spent a few summers working in a volunteer capacity for the Spraoi festival in Waterford, so I was dying to see what was going on. We didn’t get to see very much – massive crowds and a buggy generally don’t mix – but the atmosphere was fab. I thought their lost child race number idea was great, a fab way of finding the parents a lot faster. We did get to sit down for one act – the Kids Court – but when everyone got super enthusiastic about Mammys and Daddys getting cream pies in their faces and water over their heads, E wasn’t able for the noise at all and we swiftly moved on, vowing to avoid such things when he is old enough to contribute to the parental abuse! Really well done day though, even though they’d had to cancel half of it the day before due to freak weather (floods during a heatwave, thank you Cork City).

Reading Materials

Theres an actual book in it this week! I’ve only just started it, but I picked up “The 4-Hour Work Week” which seems quite good so far. One can only dream!

Also, this post by Mind The Baby made me giggle, and agree vehemently. Best advice ever.


Whats been making you smile this week?


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  1. Oh congratulations on the silver 7! It’s just a great feeling! Wait until you have the stone in your hand. I still have mine, even though I put them back on since! Hugs on the 2-5am wakings. I think all of us have been there at some stage and it’s torture! This too shall pass x

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!And well done you for braving the Next sale-every year I’m like yeah, gonna do it but always wimp out at the end!Hope your little man gets his teeth soon. Mini-Mini has one cut and I can see a few others lurking just beneath the surface. Poor babies!

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