Moving on up!

It’s a week of change here. We’re moving house next weekend to an apartment with a lift (much improvement!), a bath and a balcony – as soon as we manage to get everything packed up. We’ve got two weeks left on the lease of this place but we’re planning on moving the vast majority of our stuff over next weekend when we’ve got access to help and a van to bring all the stuff over.

Moving is a lot harder to organise with tiny man in the picture. Not only does he seem to own more stuff than both of us combined, he’s also quite demanding of attention, which doesn’t make going gung-ho on boxing up the spare room very easy. Thankfully he’s going to spend a few days in his Gran’s company this week so we can get everything sorted out, to move to a place where he has his own room, in a bigger cot (thus stopping the constant wake ups now being blamed on my snoring and hitting the sides of the crib).

We’ve also continued our journey into solids, using the Ella’s Kitchen first tastes for the moment until I get settled enough to batchcook. Carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes were a hit, bananas were devoured. Last night we attempted Sweet Potato, Broccoli and carrot – this one we hit a bit of a blip on. Firstly the smell – it actually smelled horrible. I was surprised given how nice the singular tastes ones were, but this one smelled horrible, and tasted as bad – he wouldn’t touch it and honestly not blaming him. That one won’t be bought again! Overall though, he’s taking to the change like a trooper and not fussing too much, and its not half as messy as I’d pictured it being.

He turned 5 months on Sunday- my baby is growing up way too fast! He’s now the most alert, cheeky little man, he interacts with everyone, is an absolute flirt and has already started the pitting Mammy against Daddy when it comes to bedtime. We’re still counting down to the breakthrough of the tooth but going on the sheer quantity of horrific dirty nappies and the screaming tantrums escalating, I’m almost sure that we’re almost there. Hopefully. This is really the stuff they should put in the user manual when they get around to making one.

Finally, another bit of good news: the blog has been shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards in both Best Parenting and Best Newcomer categories. To say I’m shocked is an understatement, looking at how amazing the others in the category are, but I feel very lucky and thrilled to be included with them. It really is appreciated!

And… back to packing…



  1. It is really difficult to move with a child that is this little… You are a hero! 🙂 I am pregnant now and also should move when the baby is born and it is going to be very hard. Thanks for sharing! All the best!

    1. Oh wow, best of luck with your move – it is tough but worth it 🙂 Best of luck with your new baby!

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