All about that Face


I was never really a proper girly girl until about a year and a half ago – I did the basic makeup, but never was one of those girls who refused to leave the house without it. There seemed to be a seismic shift around the time I got pregnant – I can only blame hormones – and I discovered the joy that can be found in eyeshadows and lipsticks and things other people had long raved about.

I’ve now gotten into a bit of a makeup routine, adding different products in over the last while, but with the same staples for the last while. It’s not something that takes long to throw on in the morning but certainly helps to cover up the Mammy eye bags from a sleepless night and gives me something to brighten up my look leaving the house for work.

For my eyes, I generally have the same look each day – one day I shall conquer the smokey eye for nights out, but for the moment I wind up looking like a panda who has done ten rounds with Tyson, so sticking to Neutrals seems to be key for me at the moment. I am loving Benefit’s Creaseless cream eyeshadows, in particular this shade, Birthday Suit, which is a chrome nude shade and brightens up my eyes while remaining neutral so suitable for subtle day wear. I’ve found that it blends well and lasts ages. I got it as part of a set last Christmas, World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes Ever (thank you little brothers) and have loved it since. On its own it retails at 18 euros.
With this, I use Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx and Smashbox Full Exposure mascara – again I’ve got gift sets to thank for bringing these into my life, when searching for a new eyeliner and mascara, I spotted the Smashbox Try It Kit, and for the same price as I would have spent on both, I got two sample size products as well as a foundation primer, a lid primer and a lipgloss – bonus! I’ve used these religiously since, and will definitely be buying again. The sample sizes are perfect for throwing into a handbag and keeping with me through the day, and the makeup stays put and doesn’t smear, a problem I’ve had in particular with eyeliner in the past.

This varies dependant on what kind of a skin day I’m having – if it’s a decent skin day, then I stick to tinted moisturiser, this one by Nivea I find is fantastic and great value for money. If it’s not such a fantastic day then the big guns come out. I tend to use Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup in Sand, and their Flawless Wear Concealer in Light. This was a revelation to me in the early days of motherhood – exhaustion, bad diet and general hormones running amuck had left my poor face breaking out in all directions – pregnancy did NOT give me a glow, except from the angry spots on my face- which had left me feeling utterly crap every time I looked in the mirror. I needed something “industrial strength”, as I described it to the lovely woman in Debenhams, and left the shop with this miracle product. It’s not cheap, but until my skin cleared up (thank you hormones and a full nights sleep) it did make me feel a lot better about myself and it does have the power to conceal even the crappiest nights sleep. Thankfully most days I just need the tinted moisturiser but it is good to have a backup weapon!


Recently I’ve written about my eternal search for lipstick – in particular a red lip. I’ve become a convert to No 7 in recent weeks after trying out their Match Made service. I’ve discovered that my skin, the milk-has-more-colour skin tone, is known as “Cool Vanilla” and has a list of lip colours which will match it perfectly. You may recall my issue with finding a red lipstick that didn’t make me look silly or clownish or like a six year old who has stolen her Mammys expensive makeup on the sly. This I feel has solved my issue – I’ve found two colours which I’m using a lot over the last few weeks – Loganberry from their Match Made Stay Perfect range, and Soft Paprika from their Moisture Drench range. The Loganberry is a hot pink shade which I never would have tried previously but I’ve been getting compliments on it and find its given me some extra confidence going around during the day. It’s meant to last 6 hours but I’ve not found it to do that, however it is a gorgeous matte shade. Soft Paprika is my lovely red shade, a lot shinier than the Stay Perfect range, suitable for day and night wear and again has gotten me some fab compliments in the last while. A winner! All I need now is a way for it to not transfer onto everything – solutions or suggestions for another product in a stays-on-like-Ronseal manner in the same kind of shades would be excellent!

To finish up the look, I’ve been using both Benefit’s Hoola bronzer, and my very broken Smashbox blush which is in dire need of replacing. The Benefit Hoola was gotten as part of yet another gift set, this one the fantastic Star Gift in Boots last Christmas from my parents, and it’s become one of my most used products. The blush unfortunately got broken in my handbag a while back and is on my to do list to replace – it’s a lovely pink shade to put some colour in my cheeks and make me look more alive!

So that’s my signature look really – what are your must-have products? Any suggestions for lipstick that does not move?