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When I write different posts for this blog, there are a couple of different motivations. Some posts are ones which I know I will cherish when my baby is no longer anything resembling a baby anymore, memories of a time with innocent eyes, cheeky smiles and chubby toddler legs. There are some which I write as informational pieces, bits I would have wanted to know, things I frantically googled while pregnant/in the early days, hoping that someone tired and in need of answers will find it and feel some relief. There are definite pieces which serve as contraceptives if nothing else; tales of screaming sleepless nights, poo explosions and the messy side of parenting where you start to wonder how you got to this place. I started this blog for me and it has become something bigger than that, a platform where my words are read by others, even considered good by some!

Yesterday was one such good day. In the afternoon I got a tweet from a fellow IPB blogger, the lovely Sadhbh from Where Wishes Come From, telling me that Darragh Doyle had given my blog, my little corner of the Internet, a shoutout on his Newstalk slot where he was discussing great things to check out on the Internet. I’d responded to a tweet he had written last week where he was asking for suggestions for websites, apps and anything online that people would like to share. I was feeling bold. So decided to pitch this here blog, my baby of 18 months, my collection of diary entries, advice tidbits, reviews of places and products and many, many photos. I expected it to go no further. It was unlikely that a blog was what he was looking for, especially a small fry like me. I was wrong.

You can check out the podcast right here – there are some fantastic other sites listed that I’ve since bookmarked, so hopefully it will be a very fruitful listen for you too. It’s quite exciting hearing my name and my blog name called out on a national radio station – feels like recognition, which is good, which was definitely a boost I needed this week.

While I was on that high from hearing that I’d been mentioned, I got a call from a familiar number – that of the research desk in 96fm, a Cork radio station, for the Opinion Line show which I’ve been on before. The very lovely Deirdre O Shaughnessy had asked if I would come on the show to discuss Harper Beckham and her soother, a media story which has blown up over the last few days. Despite not having much experience with attempting to wrangle a soother off a toddler (himself has refused to touch them apart from very rare occurances since he was 6 weeks old), I did feel that as a parent who has seen many different parenting styles surrounding me that the predominant message was “leave their parenting choices alone” – I may have not said it quite as eloquently as that, you can check out my sound bite here(the segment starts at 31.00 of Opinion Line Hour 2, August 12th).

It’s definitely been an interesting 24 hours, one to put in the record books for sure! Did you hear either of the radio pieces?

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  1. I’m so happy to hear you’re getting some well deserved recognition. Your blog is one of my favourites and I hope this is only the enjoyable start of your blogging fame!!!

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