An open letter to Mary Curtis…

Dear Mary Curtis,

Thank you so much for your comments in today’s paper about your target audience for your new TV channel, UTV Ireland. It does help me to know that it is one I can happily skip over, as there must not be anything for me on there, as I will soon be returning to work, and will not be one of those housebound women laden down with her children who has nothing to do bar watch yet another repeat of Jeremy Kyle, or Loose Women. Apparently my leaving my child means that I’ve got a life I would not have if I stayed at home with him. I’ve managed not to marry the house, unless its something I’ve erased from memory. Oh the party lifestyle afforded to me from my office chair, scoffing at those happily sitting on their couches, watching mindless drivel through the afternoon.

I’ve spent the last ten months at home, preparing for my baby and once he arrived, spending every waking hour (a lot of them half asleep, given how little sleep he affords me), pandering to his every wish and need while still trying to pull together some semblance of normality. I am glad to hear that you’ve now allotted folks like me a tv channel of our own to watch at our leisure. You know, while we’re ignoring the child demanding all of our attention, and the housework, and the everyday goings on that we have to do. I am glad you’re providing us with an outlet for our spare time, that we have so much of, and ensuring that our poor lifeless brains aren’t taxed too much by shows that could be found interesting by young people who have interesting lives.

Your correction to reporters after being scolded by twitter this morning did not help your case. You said it was a self-deprecating comment; yet you’re a successful working mother, not one of those housebound laden down with children types. You said you intended it to hit a certain age bracket – I do apologise for skewing your data, but I’ve managed to be one of those while still contained in that young, interesting age bracket of 15-24.

I’m bringing my son up with certain values and one of them will be that if you’ve nothing nice to say, its better not to say it. Perhaps for PR reasons at the very least, you should think about adding that into your priorities, instead of insulting your supposed target demographic while trying to advertise. It may work out better for you in the long run.

Kind Regards.


  1. Brilliant! Just brilliant. She’s saying she was taken out of context AND it was in jest. Erm, they’re two totally separate things? Either you were taken out of context and it came across differently than what you meant, or you DID say it, you DID mean it, but you were joking. Which is it Mary?

    1. Even if it was a joke, its in very bad taste! Going on what she’s saying their schedule won’t be anything major to miss anyway…

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