Going Back To My Roots with Origin Hair

I’ve been blonde for about six years now. After a bad breakup, I decided to change things up and have, for the most part, stuck with it ever since. It is a lot of maintenance though. Despite the prominence of the balayage trend, even keeping on top of that requires at least five colour treatments a year (four if I’m REALLY pushing it). At around 100 euro a pop, it’s a big ask.Bigger than the money issue is the back pain issue. Sitting for long periods of time kills my back, it is prone to seizing up, so spending close to three hours in a chair, staying still does not bode well for me. Such instances need to be rare and spaced out.  So, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to blonde.

Going Back To My Roots With Origin Hair Salon

I’ve been tempted to head back to home dying it but I have the fear of ruining my hair. There were a fair few mishaps, let’s say, in my college years, including a Cú Chulainn with highlights look which was definitely unintentional. Note: getting friends who are the same level of hungover as you to help bleaching your hair in your living room is never a good idea. I like to feel that I have moved on from those days just a little.

The lack of ability to stay sitting for that long is annoying, in particular because it’s close to three hours of nobody calling me Mameeee, nobody asking me for yoghurts or telling me they’ve done a “stinky fart”.

So, blonde is out. It’s been nice, I’m not sure if they’ve had more fun but I’m ready to switch back to my brunette roots. On recommendation of my friend Lucy, I headed along to Origin Hair on Drawbridge Street in Cork. I contacted them over Facebook chat and booked an appointment for a rainy Friday afternoon.

I arrived at 1.30 for my appointment, was greeted instantly and offered tea or coffee. The girls were friendly but not overly invasive. This is a key skill I look for in hairdressers – know when to back away and not do the small talk thing. Although, it was nice to actually be able to say yes to the holiday chit-chat for once!

When I got settled in, we got talking about what it was I actually wanted. Before Christmas, I had decided that I wanted (needed) something less high maintenance than my blonde locks, but had been told by another hairdresser in a different salon quite rudely that he was refusing to do it, it couldn’t be done without turning my hair green. Armed with my Pinterest board of ideas for what I was trying to achieve, I discussed the plan with my stylist. She said that we’d need to do a pre-toner treatment before applying the dye to ensure that the hair looked healthy and the colour would last, but yes, it could be done. Success.  The pre-toner was basically like a preliminary dark dye – I actually commented that even without the darker brown I loved the hair after just that.

Getting my hair washed in a hairdressers can be a very lovely but very painful thing at the same time for me. Much as I love the feeling of luxury of someone else doing it (and the bit of a head massage that comes with it), often the angle of the chair can be a killer on my back. In Origin Hair though, they’ve got massage chairs at the sinks, which meant that while I was laid back with my feet up, my back was getting kneaded. It definitely added to the experience.

Fergal, the owner and head stylist of the salon, popped over to say hello and to check everything was going well. It was a nice touch; often when salons are busy and buzzing, like they were on a Friday afternoon, it can feel like you’re just another number but that definitely wasn’t the case. One of the other stylists popped over with a plate with a slice of cake on it and topped up my tea, saying I was getting spoiled today. Yes, yes I was!

I was in the salon from 1.30 until 4pm. In that time, I got to quietly read my book on my Kindle app on my phone, drink copious cups of tea and have pleasant chat, on my terms, with the two hairdressers working on my hair. I absolutely hate the smalltalk in hairdressers normally, I’ve commented multiple times to friends saying if there was a surcharge to be left alone, I’d happily pay it. They’ve definitely got the balance right here.

And so, the hair! I opted for a warm brown with some caramel highlights. This is a lot darker than what I had been, but closer to my natural colour. They gave me a long bob – my hair had been down past my shoulders. I really love what they did with it. A change is as good as a holiday, as they say, and this was one I really did need.

I was really happy with my experience in Origin Hair. They ticked a whole lot of boxes and more that I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t cheap – even with a student discount it came to €139, but it was totally worth it. I will be back.

Going back to my roots with origin hair


This was in no way a sponsored post, nor an asked for review. I’m merely sharing a recommendation of a fab colour and cut, and incredible service from a lovely Cork company, Origin Hair Salon.

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