And Now For Something A Little Different



I’ve been a blonde now for the last three and a half years; after flirting with a lot of other colours over the years, I seemed to like it being blonde and kept it that way. But lately I’ve been feeling a bit, well, bored with the whole thing. And I’ve been on Pinterest, which can never really lead to good things when unsupervised.

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Latest Beauty Finds

So it’s been a while since my materialistic retail therapy side paid a visit to the blog, indeed since the contents of my makeup bag did. January was a fairly, let’s say, sparse month for new things but between a payday flurry at the end of the month (who lets me loose in Boots??) and some stuff I got for Christmas but waited to try out, there have been some new additions crying out for attention. Read More

How to Get Your Baby to Go the Heck to Sleep




It seems to be one of the mysteries of parenthood. Some people have it cracked from the day dot. I’m convinced that they’re paying their children to sleep for them. And I’m tempted to try it. Others, not unlike myself, take a bit longer to get the knack of getting the little darlings to close their eyes, stop whining/shouting/making gurgling noises with their finger and lips, and settle into a slumber so Mammy can have some much needed downtime on the couch catching up on all things Shonda Rhimes (or whatever other show you’re currently engrossed in).

So what is this secret? Here are my steps to getting the child to concede to the land of sleepy time. Read More

Romantic Nights In With Netflix

Valentines Day is a different ball game when there is a baby (or many) in the picture. What previously would have been a for-sure night out, with nice dinner and obligatory wine, complete with butterflies over cards and flowers has been replaced with forfeiting all of the above unless the gods that be provide you with a babysitter who doesn’t have plans of their own that night. That, and the will to do anything but curl up and sleep in your child-free zone. No, this year Valentines Day is different, and thats okay – it is just a day after all, you can still be as loved as you are the other 364 days of the year.  Read More

Excitement, she’s in Print



Yesterday, I was able to walk into a book shop and buy a magazine and open it to find my words, my name and my photo written on the glossy pages inside. To say I’m excited is an understatement – the fact that someone else found my writing worth publishing, and not just relegated to stuff I put up myself on the internet is something which amazes me and has done since my initial emails with the editor. Read More

Things to do in Cork with Babies: A Morning in the Library

I’m always looking for things I can do with E that will get us out of the house and doing something which both of us will enjoy. I’ve always been an avid bookworm and reading is something I want to instil a love of in E from as young an age as possible, so a few months ago I signed him up to the library in Cork City Centre, and we regularly borrow children’s books for bedtime reading.

While in returning the latest batch, I spotted a sign which advertised a storytelling and music morning for babies, toddlers and young children which would be taking place on Friday. Upon asking the librarian if booking was required, I was informed that it wasn’t required but that arriving early would be best as the slot was very popular. Having attended yesterday, I can see why! Read More

Happy Birthday to Four Walls, Rainy Days

So it seems that a year ago today, I was trapped inside from raging wind and rain and decided the internet should hear my ramblings. At the time I was 8 months pregnant, a mini beached whale and been signed off work a few months previous, so my boredom levels were fairly high. So why not join the bands of Mammy Bloggers I’d recently discovered in regaling the world with tales of cravings, kicks and everything in between? I really didn’t see myself a year in the future, not only still at it, but as into it as I am. Read More

It’s okay to not be okay

I was listening to podcasts on my way into work this morning, and came across a recent interview on the Tubridy show on 2fm which caught my interest. Normally I don’t get much of a chance to listen to Ryan Tubridy but I do tend to enjoy the interviews on there so try to catch the podcasts regularly enough. This interview was with Maia Dunphy, tv presenter and producer who recently caused a media frenzy by announcing her pregnancy on Twitter with a photoshopped ultrasound image. As expected, the interview was predominantly made up of excited flurry (mostly on the part of Tubridy) regarding babies, and could have been written off as just one of those “new mum to be” interviews until Maia stated that she had “gotten her head around it now”. Read More

The Quiet Time

IMG_3058I see an awful lot of 5.30ams these days. Previously, I would have looked on this as a time only acceptable from the other side; no sane person would ever willingly be up and awake at that hour, out of warm cosy bed and dealing with the freezing cold morning. These days however I come equipped with an alarm clock that can’t be silenced, as much as I shush him and attempt to grapple five more minutes of sleep, he is in control of the sleep and having gone to bed at 9pm the night before, he’s happily all done with that. Really, I should start going to bed that early myself… Read More

Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week

So we’re half way through the week, I’m on my Friday of my work week (only 3 days in this week, the joy of my long weekend last weekend!), and honestly, I’m only fit for the bed. Life has been so hectic lately and I think I’m just rather run down, and looking after a tiny man with a huge personality and a large capacity for exploring requires so much more energy than I ever could have anticipated. Honestly, if you could bottle his energy, I’m fairly sure you could make a fortune selling it to poor wrecked people like me!

On the side of all this hecticness, theres been certain things keeping me going; these have been my little loves of the week! Read More

The best things in life

Since Christmas, my house has contained a lot of singing plastic. There are songs about driving in cars that get stuck in my head, which leads to strange looks when I’m humming them in work. They know just how to switch on or be hit off just as a tiny tyrant has given in to sleep, resulting in eyes shooting open and a sudden, unwelcome wakeup which takes another round of shushing and reassuring that Mama is there and it’s alright, to the sounds of “Puppy’s coming round the mountain” (Mammy slightly wants to murder Puppy some nights). E is a very lucky boy who has lots of toys which he loves playing with. Our house contains more toys than possessions we use; moving is going to be hell but he’s happy. Read More

4 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

This is not a broody post. Promise. This is also definitely not an indication that another sprog will be entering the equation any time soon; no siree, we are a family of three and happy that way for the foreseeable (20:20 vision) future. The things I do not miss about being pregnant (a much longer list) have certainly made that one definite – that and the fact that I’ve yet to discover the sleepful nights, no nappies part of this parenting craic, nor proved myself able to keep something alive for more than a year. That’s definitely a goal I should attempt to meet before deciding the first one went well so another would be grand. It didn’t work out so well for any plant I’ve ever owned (god love that aloe vera, it takes effort to kill those…) but he seems to be faring well. Anyway, point made, this is a broody but not broody post, inspired by a pregnancy announcement by a lovely blogger friend of mine.

4 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant -

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Here We Go Again

Been a bit quiet around here the last few days. Life has gotten busy, I’ve discovered the joys (sarcasm fully intended) of the late shift when you don’t get a lie in (a work day that ends at 8 when you’ve been up since potentially 5 is not fun), and I was feeling super proud of my sleeping child and my resolve in making my life healthier. Life was good, until I tried to make it better. Read More

New Year, New Me?

IMG_3002.JPGI’ve written before about my relationship with food, weight and body image. After my pregnancy with E, I was left at the biggest I’ve ever been and felt like absolute crap. Jeans shopping was more traumatic than normal and my new shape made me want to cry when I looked in the mirror. I looked at other mothers walking around with their buggies (some of them jogging) and wondered how they did it, how they attained their gorgeous figures with tiny babies, how they found time to exercise and cook clearly healthier meals than I was. I listened to person after person tell me how breastfeeding was the key to the super weight loss and felt even worse about my failure as a watering hole for my son. In hindsight I realize that the onset of post natal depression did play a lot into the hands of this. I felt horrible, ugly, like my son would be ashamed of me, that my partner would clearly want someone better, thinner, less whale-like. It wasn’t a good time.  Read More

On Returning to Work

A friend of mine is returning to work after her lovely long maternity leave with her gorgeous baby girl. As I’ve been through it, hell and all, recently enough and have come out the other side a better (but more exhausted) woman, I thought there were a few words of wisdom that I could pass along. With a ton of help from many other better experienced blogger Mama’s than I am.

returning to work after maternity leave -

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Working Mama’s Cover Letter

Since returning to work in October, I’ve found myself applying for a few things within my company to expand my experience, or add a layer of flexibility to my schedule. If I manage it, I can spend more of my child’s awake time with him and less of it staring at a screen feeling like I should be at home, singing along to the various singing plastic objects to make him smile. In order to do so, there have been many re-writes of CV’s which make me sound like the most boring person in the world, and also the cover letters where I attempt to pitch myself as being the perfect choice for whatever they want me to be. On second thought, I’ve realised my CV, and therefore the accompanying cover letter doesn’t do me justice. My new life as a working mama, and my recent parenting experiences have clearly made me invaluable. Thus, I’m contemplating a change in tone to my applications after this…

New Mothers Have a Skill set that is definitely transferable to the work place, an experience which will surely appeal to most employers.. here's a sample cover letter from a new working mother! Read More

New Years Aspirations

IMG_2890.JPGEach year I make New Years resolutions. Each year I promptly break them at about, oh, 12.02 on New Years Day – at most a few days later, as long as I’ve decided “They start when you wake up” (Clearly, the “give up drinking” can not be enacted at 12 midnight on the night in question). They’re typical, and unrealistic and I wind up beating myself up about failing at them fairly rapidly. Read More

The Best Friend Pampering Christmas Hamper

What to get the friend who has everything? The person whose present you really have to get right? Theres only so many bath related gifts a person can get before they start wondering if people have other intentions than just “Ooh, she’s a girl, she’ll like bath stuff” (It’s a good idea to check that persons house has a bath before giving bath bombs. Just a tip.)

The Best Friend Pampering Christmas Hamper - Four Walls, Rainy Days - Christmas Gift Ideas

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Winter Wardrobe Favourites, Baby Edition Christmas 2014


I’m a terrible woman for buying baby clothes. They’re small and cute and to be fair, a necessary evil given how fast he’s growing out of them lately – my tiny 5lb baby who premie clothes were too big for is now fitting into 9-12 month jeans, how did that happen? Given the recent growth spurt, I made the most of a Christmas shopping trip over the weekend to stock up on some new bits for E that I couldn’t resist. Read More