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Still trapped.

This is a colour scheme I am getting rather rapidly sick of.

It’s sunny outside

It was sunny outside today, it was mocking me from the window.

Bane of my life

So since my last post I’ve been hospitalised twice, and am writing this from the (dis)comfort of my hospital bed in the only non baby…

Things to Keep Me Sane

So, since the last post I’ve put up, I’ve wound up having a sleepover in hospital (thank you very much blood pressure!) and sampling their…

Bit of A Giggle

Today’s Irish Times Letter Page (11th Feb 2014) contains a little insight into the Corkonian view of marriage equality. If it doesn’t raise a smile…

Where to Begin?

So its currently bucketing down outside. This being Cork, I shouldn’t be all that surprised. And the fact that the rains of the apocalypse (along…