Here we Go!

Seems I wasn’t wrong in saying Little Man would soon be on the way; the blood pressure decided enough was enough earlier and so the decision was made to induce me at 37 weeks. (more…)


I’ve known for months that I have no veins. I’m the one who jokes about being clinically dead when the medical students can’t find my pulse (in either arm), I’ve got one spot on one arm that if its in a good mood will give up a dribble of blood, and I’m pretty sure that its a frustrated sigh from dealing with my arms rather than at having to be working the night shift that numerous nurses have come out with.  (more…)

Bane of my life


So since my last post I’ve been hospitalised twice, and am writing this from the (dis)comfort of my hospital bed in the only non baby filled room (so far) on this wing of the hospital, attached to a bloody CTG machine. The inventor of this yoke was definitely a sadist, and whoever decided that blood pressure should be measured at the same time an idiot; because I know that this is certainly driving up mine! (more…)

Things to Keep Me Sane

So, since the last post I’ve put up, I’ve wound up having a sleepover in hospital (thank you very much blood pressure!) and sampling their fine cuisine, developed an addiction to a Pokemon Red emulator, been housebound from the weather and had yet another lovely scan of the little man.  (more…)

Bit of A Giggle

Bit of A Giggle

Today’s Irish Times Letter Page (11th Feb 2014) contains a little insight into the Corkonian view of marriage equality. If it doesn’t raise a smile at least, money back 🙂

Where to Begin?

where to begin four walls rainy days

So its currently bucketing down outside. This being Cork, I shouldn’t be all that surprised. And the fact that the rains of the apocalypse (along with the wind and flooding) have been visiting a lot lately should really make this less of a deal.  (more…)