16 Parents Who Have Really Had Enough Of The Elf On A Shelf

The second the clock struck midnight on 30 November, the elves came out to play. In many houses around the world, and across my Facebook feed, The Elf On The Shelf has invaded. For 24 nights on the run up to Christmas, parents in houses everywhere will be one foot into bed and realize that the bloody Elf is still in the same position as last night. For kids, it’s a magical time, with promises that the elf will ensure that Santa is well-accustomed to words of good behavior. For the adults – well, it’s a decent discipline tool, but it can be a whole lot more effort than it’s worth!  While there are lots of great examples out there for things to do with the elf when you’ve ran out of ideas, like these posts from Jill at Proper Fud, here are some of parents who have REALLY had enough of this Elf on The Shelf stuff…

16 Parents Who Have REALLY had enough of Elf On The Shelf

Elves Gone Wild

Some parents salvage their sanity at this time of year by making the Elf’s activities a bit more humorous for the adults in their lives. This unfortunately can wind up with some rather inappropriate antics on the behalf of Mr. Elf, and perhaps a movement away from him being on the Nice List – and a review as to whether he’ll get a P45 from Santa this year.

This is how we found Emil this morning… #ihateelfontheshelf #elfontheshelf #elfontheshelf2015

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Day 6 and he is up to no good again…. #badelfontheshelf #elfontheshelf

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He Doesn’t Even Go Here

When the Elf isn’t up to adult antics himself, he can get some aggression from those who are the steadfast playmates throughout the year. Well, why is he getting all of the attention? Some jealousy is only natural. However, if you’re already dealing with one creepy doll watching all of your kids antics day in, day out, it may not be wise to have them believe that ALL of their toys have the ability to come to life when they feel like it….

A Nightly Chore

Once you’ve managed to get the kids into bed, and serve up 9 million glasses of water, 3 million stories and been told about various ailments which mean they can’t POSSIBLY go to sleep, all you can feel like doing is falling asleep on the couch. But no, the Elf demands your time and energy, and the questions for if he DOESN’T come are so not worth the hassle. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t drive you absolutely mad.

It’s A Family Affair

Just because the kids like him, it doesn’t mean the sentiment stretches across the rest of the family.

These dogs know what’s up 👌🏼 #ihateelfontheshelf

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The Solution Comes From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

If in doubt, go to some alternative Christmas season heroes for help. Enter many various members of the Star Wars cast.

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He’s Showing His Evil Side

Of course, some Elves are better at hiding their dark side than others. While they might look creepy, they can put on the nice face….but sometimes that facade can slip.

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He’s baaack!! #creepyelfontheshelf

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Vowing Never Again

There’s this list from Kirsten Hewett giving 5 Ways To Off The Elf On A Shelf, if you’re really feeling that strongly inclined.

And then there is this approach…


Is your house a Elf On The Shelf house, or do you escape the December madness without Buddy (or whatever you want to call him) in your house each year? Have you tried any of these, or are you tempted? Let me know in the comments below!


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16 Parents Who Have REALLY had enough of Elf On The Shelf


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